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If 2/3rds of this season's Red Sox games are 2004-style wins, and the rest are throwaway losses, well, that's a .666 winning percentage (rounding the number toward Satan, in more ways than one, to the nearest hundredth). I'll take it.

I haven't gone to any message boards yet, but I'm assuming the word Papelbon (pictured, attempting to hail his own cab) appears a lot, and each one is followed by lots of exclamation points. It's so nice to be comfortable watching a Red Sox closer again. Based on Francona's reaction at the end of the game, I got the feeling he said, before the ninth, "I want to win. We're going with the kid." I imagined Foulke thinking to himself, "So this is what it was like to watch me two years ago." Hopefully he continues to work and can help us this year.

And Beckett was pretty gold. I see wins in his and our future. So glad Trot got him that lead.

The "new" infield also gives me this great, comfortable feeling. Great job by Co, Lo, Lo, Yo, Go, and Snow.

Tonight, the Extra Innings free preview gave me the Texas coverage. Judging from the commercials, it's true what they say about Texans--they, uh, enjoy themselves.

Except for the fact that the camera person thinks you're supposed to do a close-up on the ball on fly balls, leaving the viewer to wonder where the hell it is, and that the in-crowd reporter reported not on the game, but on a hot dog eating contest between two fans, the coverage was okay.

I don't know if you got this on NESN, but they did a close-up on Coco as he ran the bases on his triple. It was really fun to watch him. His head seemed perfectly still, as he focused completely on the third base coach, all while eating a bowlful of speed. As soon as he got the word, it was head down, determined to get to third base.

You can thank me for this: Going to the ninth inning of the Sox game, I decided to ignore the yankee game until ours was won. No switching over between pitches. I put my full attention on, and confidence in, Jon Papelbon. Later, the A's came back to tie the yanks after being down 4-0, meaning my plan worked out all around. It's the eighth now, tied. I may update this later.

I love how there were so many Sox fans in Texas. To be expected of course, but I kind of figured mid-week, eh, there won't be that many. It's very rare that I underestimate the number of Sox fans in a foreign nation like Texas.

I also love how A's fans seem to genuinely despise Mr. Dunbar. They boo each guy, knowing who to boo louder than the rest, as they're announced, through the entire game.

Oh, here's a quote from a Texas announcer, proving that everyone's favorite trendy story--that the Red Sox aren't fun any more--is total bullshit: " interesting compilation of players. That should make for a fun summer in New England." That's the perspective of some dude who doesn't live in the northeast, basing what he says on what he sees.

Here's that update: A's take lead in eighth on triple just out of Damon's reach, followed by grounder to Cano with infield in that he botches. (Jeter earlier made a key error leading to the A's comeback.)

Base hit. Jay Payton (!) scores. I love it. Yeah, bring in Mike Myers! Who else ya got out there, Torre? Damon doesn't pitch. A-Rod doesn't pitch. Sheffield doesn't pitch. My friend Mike the yankee fan said this team is closer to the '88 team than the '98 team, and therefore most likely won't win the mythical 27th championship. Sheffield himself even mocked the management by saying that pitching's the most important thing. Now Farnsworth is in, their fifth pitcher, and he just walked a man. Bases loaded. Three-run double for Frank Thomas! 9-4 A's. This game and this post are over.

"yankees lose Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yankees SUCK."
Watching Coco run the bases is going to be one of the many pleasures of this season. He looks for all the world like an Olympic sprinter who just happens to play baseball as well.
Oh what a beautiful morning. Papel is our closer, and I am one happy guy. This could be the BEST move Francona will make all season!
Castiglione was openly rooting for Papelbon in the bottom of the ninth, and freaked out with glee after the last strikeout. I missed that guy over the winter. And Troupe's call of the Nixon homer was classic: "Swiiiing and a drive!"
Thanks for the Castig/Trup update. That's another very key (negative) thing about getting the Extra Innings package: No Castiglione! If I get it, I will still purposely listen to games that way sometimes, on the mlb audio. OR on the classic 1080 AM Hartford, which doesn't come in any worse in NYC than it does in Danbury. Seriously. I've even pulled in 630 Providence from here.

In the meantime, keep the Castiglione updates coming.
Oy there! Texan here, born and bred.

Yeah, okay, we have a bit of state pride, and more than many regions/states, but I've lived in the northeast for eight years and it's not like y'all (yup, y'all) don't have your own version of exclusivity and pride (on a person-by-person basis of course, to label you all as such would be as blind as labeling all Texans that way...which I'm not accusing you of doing).

Visit Austin sometime for a taste of the other kind of Texas. Thriving music scene, gay-friendly, liberal as fuck. Probably still pretty Texas-centric, though.
You know I keeeed.

I think I've even mentioned on this blog fairly recently something about Texas bein', like, dumb, or whatever, except for Austin. From what I hear. I'm also down with that whole southwest/desert/ wide-open spaces thing.

And I wouldn't make fun of Texans if I didn't also make fun of, well, everyone else, especially some of the people I come across every day here in "the capital of the world."
Continuing the grammar kick from before... a friend from Texas always insisted to me that "y'all" was singular, whereas the proper pluralization was "yous'all". That distinction appeals to me.

Got to love Lil' Papi's 0.00 ERA. I'm not convinced Beckett was as dominating as others have said (he held Texas to one run, but their players kept getting on base), but it's still early in the season.
That is interesting. I actually say "y'all" sometimes. I think I started it because I stopped feeling comfortable, when talking to two or more females at a time, with saying "you guys," since they are women, not guys. So now I say "y'all." (Or if it's, like, my male friend and his girlfriend, where "guys" also doesn't work.)

You can make Beckett's performance see better by using the "scattered" term: He scattered seven hits over seven innings. But the one run was key, and he got to show that he didn't get flustered with a runner on. After the first, he only gave up four hits, and one walk, over the next six innings. And one was that roller to third by Mench. So, maybe not totaly dominating, but really, really well, I thought.
totally, with two Ls.
seem, with an M
Sounds better, but not terribly accurate. He scattered some mediocre pitching over the first few innings and then shut the rest down (12/13 of the last batters).
Ha, I don't think Farnsworth threw a single slider to Frank Thomas. I don't know what he thought was going to happen if he was pitching like that, but lordy was it fun to see.

Also, Jere, I swear the word verification codes for your site are longer than the codes I get anywhere else.
Sam, and sometimes they spell actual words! This is a sometimes chilling place....shadow somethings abound.
I'm thinking about taking that thing away at this point. Maybe the spammers forgot about me.

Sam--I never noticed a difference. (And you know if I did I'd probably write an essay about it.)

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