Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Opening Day Lunch "Hour"

Just had a guy in a yankee hat ask me "Is this train going to the Bronx?" Talk about a win.

Now I'm at home for lunch, watching both games. Drinkwater was there from pitch, Kapstein has yet to show. He can be a late bloomer, though. Beckett just got out of a not-so-great first with only one run. Ortiz held his hand up really high during the intros so Stern had to jump up to hit it. And the dugout screens force everyone to stand and lean on them, because it's easier to see the game. So that tells the truth about Jeter. He's not "leading" by being up there, he just can't see from the bench.

The Royals just came back to tie Vera Wang and Team Dunbar. I've been calling Damon "Norm" in my head, as in, he's not a freak now, he's a norm. So they've got two Cheers characters, Norm and his unseen wife Vera. Come to think of it, Posada is kind of Carla-esque, right?

I've also been noticing that Damon must have been taught the inside-out swing by Jeter. Obviously, Johnny used to go the other way sometimes, anyway, but ever since spring training, I've gotten the feeling like Jeter immediately took him aside and said, "I've noticed your hits are very legitimate. Let me show you how to cheapen those severely. It's what these fans havecome to expect." Sure enough, I read that Damon's first at bat was a double--to left. Not that that's not okay, I'm just saying, come on, don't use the Jeter method. Have some dignity. I didn't get to hear the "ovation" for Johnny, as I got to the TV in the middle of his second at bat. But there wasn't much of a buzz in the crowd while he was up.

Awesome play just now. yanks had the bases loaded, one out, 3-0 count on Sheffield. Shef eventually pops out to the shortstop in shallow left field. The shortstop then fires to second to double off Bernie. Absolutely terrible job, Bernie. Inning over. Still tied. Equally bad play by Trot, though, now. Totally misread a fly ball and looked like a fool. Must be that new pavilion throwing him off, heh heh. Ooh, just noticed the C. Everett Koop guy is now in attendance. (Right behind Drinkwater if you're new.)

Just wrote a piece about a Red Sox Broadcaster, familiar to Mets Fans. Someone Infamous replaced him in Mets TV Booth.

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