Sunday, April 09, 2006

One Big Happy

Okay, so you've got Joy Of Sox, classic Sox blog. And then you've got his lefty site In Other News..., formerly In Cold Blog. Unfortunately, he's decided to end this other blog. But if you click on the link, he's left it up, so you can still click on all the other links over there. His partner, Laura, still does We Move To Canada, which is about the two of them moving from NYC to the land of Lisa Ruddy, Rush, and Mike Myers. On her site, you'll see the Impeach Bush banner. (Nice!)

Another blog who links there is Neasa's Blog, Blogging the Middle World. While she's not a Sox blogger, she does a lot of interesting artwork, and she's partnered with a Sox fan much like Laura is. Neasa's "husbutch" (her word) is a woman called Big Guinea, aka Couch Potato, who writes Diary of a Mad Boston Sports Fan. If you've read this far without having to ask your boy Jesus for forgiveness for your impure thoughts, you can check out another Sox blog called Gay Sox, written by a dude named Jon.

I'm also wondering if there is a connection between Bullfrog, also a lefty, who works on Five Bucks To Friday, which is an NYC comic strip-y blog, and one of the dudes from Keep Your Sox On in Brooklyn: Diary of Two Red Sox Fans, who writes for Brown Bullfrog Baseball.

Probably not. Joy (of Sox) to the (middle) world.

After 7, 4-1...Papelbon for two innings, or Foulke, then Papel. We win no matter what, with a glorious off day to come tomorrow.
Thanks for the link, Jere! My first link on a Red Sox blog other than Allan's - I guess I'm officially a citizen of the Nation now.

You know I came over from the Dark Side...? Almost 30 years of pinstripes, but since September 2003, my heart wears crimson hose.
Yeah, I knew you came from "there." Glad you came to your senses...
Howdy, howdy. No connection to the Keepers of the Sox On in Brooklyn, although I am in Brooklyn and my father ends every written correspondence he's ever sent me with 'keep your "sox" on'. (He loves excess punctuation.) Friggin' love the 404 message up top. That is hilarious. Go Sox!
Cool. Just adds to the coincidences. Glad you like the top-thing. I might actually stick with that one for a while.
Thanks for the link Jere! I enjoy reading your blog too!
Thanks for the shout-out and the links... I'll return the favor. Stay strong down there in the Evil Empire. (I'll keep you in my prayers.)

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