Saturday, April 22, 2006

No On 21

Okay, to answer BSM's question, here's what you missed:

While Red Sox fans were crying themselves to sleep after the Aaron Boone game, Roger was licking the face of Babe Ruth.

I always thought the difference between us and the yankees was they they'd do anything to win, while we'd do anything--short of signing a deal with the devil--to do the same. (The personifaction of evil devil, not the cool metal one.)

If Hitler was suddenly the best baseball player in the world, I'd say Let George have him. I'll live and die with Lou Merloni.

My mom does have a point when she says it would piss of George if we got Roger. However, in this case, that's just not sweetening the deal. I'd much rather have the yanks waste more money on him, and then watch him NOT win the World Series. I'd like to see what kind of reaction the yankee fans have when he tells them, again, that "this is my final game."

I guess my answer would be- would you rather have the great player or not? I'd rather have him. He can be a giant douchebag, and I don't care, because I want the Red Sox to win the most games. It's impossible to argue that Roger Clemens wouldn't help that.
I agree...Jere, it was the fault of the evil Dan Duquette that he left in the first place. And NOT to go to the Yankees. Just my opinion, but I think your anger is misplaced.
Peter, I cheered him as a Blue Jay, what with him being my favorite player and all. When he decided to go to the yanks, that was it. It's not like I'm just imagining that he kissed Ruth's stupid face and purposely pissed off Red Sox fans. There's a picture of it right there! he rubbed that thing before every game. Do you remember Game 3 of the '99 ALCS? I don't thinkI'm alone in my thinking. My anger is placed right at tha guy's soul, in exactly the right place, aas far as I'm concerned.

BSM, I can deal with the players who don't think like me off the field, like the huinting-type guys, but Roger committed crimes against baseballity.

I would rather have the great player 98 per cent of the time. Could do without Roger, though. Also, even if I liked him, totally forgot about the past, I still would say you can argue that he wouldn't help the team, based on his age, being back in the AL, doing the "I'll only show up when I want" thing, etc.
He threw 200+ innings in a hitter's park in a division with some of the worst pitcher's parks in baseball at a 1.87 ERA. I can't believe, especially with a shortened work load, he wouldn't immediately be better than, at least, Lenny DiNardo. In which case he's automatically helped us. Meanwhile, he hasn't cost us anything but one year of $$.

I don't get the "crimes against baseballity" thing. He's a jerk. So what? There are a lot of jerks in baseball. There are probably a lot of jerks on the Red Sox right now. He went for the money. He enjoyed being a Yankee- certainly not a crime. In fact, he didn't do much different than Pedro, in fact. I'm not mad at Pedro, and I'm not mad at Roger.

I just can't believe someone wouldn't want the team to win, and not want him on the team- he's the greatest pitcher of all time! I mean, you'd rather run Wells/ DiNardo out there every 5th day over Roger Clemens, just because he loved playing for the Yankees?

I get hating the Yankees, because I do. But not wanting one of the great pitchers of all time when we could clearly use him just because he revelled in being a Yankee seems pointless to me. I'm just trying to understand it is all- you're saying you wouldn't enjoy winning with Roger on the team?
I don't want to even think about him being on the team. About the "crimes," I just mean, you know, being the face of one team and then just casually joining that team's rival. It's not like working at Borders and then working for Barnes & Noble. Players know that.

Pedro didn't go to the yanks, so I'm not mad at him.
"always thought the difference between us and the yankees was they they'd do anything to win, while we'd do anything--short of signing a deal with the devil--to do the same. (The personifaction of evil devil, not the cool metal one.)"

Are you kidding with this? Do you even believe this shit? Listen, I'm a Red Sox fan, and I like yout blog, but this weird perception you have of the Yankees is just fucking crazy.

You're basically saying "I would prefer the Red Sox be less great than they could be, simply based on the personal hatred I have for one player because he decided to stick it to the management team that booted the greatest pitcher in the team's history out the door over a few dollars." I don't even blame CLemens for doing what he did. The Red Sox almost begged him to do it.

So know he sees Theo, and the rest of the new front office, and feels like things have changed. Let's say for argument's sake, he wants to come back, where #21 one more time, and help the Sox be the best team they can be. You'd really rather the team pass, be worse, and aid a pitching starved rival than take him, be better, and maybe have to root for a guy you don't like off the field? While you're rooting for Bronson "I-Like-My-Northeastern-Girls-DRUNK" Arroyo?

Weird. I'm with Memorial, I want the Red Sox to be good. NOt wanting the team to get Clemens is flat out preferring they be worse than they could be. That's lame, bro.
We are talking about the same Roger Clemens, right? The one who's one of the most hated people in New England? I'm not alone in this thinking. Wait a minute, even if I was, it doesn't matter.

You must have totally missed what I said about not caring what players do off the field--to a point, obviously--and how the reason I hate Roger is about his baseball-related life. Going to the yanks, doing the Ruth crap, throwing bats at people, playing only when he feels like it...I don't want that crap on my team.

Don't tell me my opinion is lame, "bro." You really didn't have to be a dick about it.

And my "weird perception" of the yankees? It's not my perception, it's the truth.

Also, you're not one of these yankee fans posing as a Sox fan, are you? There are some telltale signs in your comment, but maybe they're just coincidences.
The throwing bat at Piazza always killed me, that much is true. "I thought it was the ball." I always felt like that moment summed his personality really, really well, personally.

Oh well. On the Clemens thing- agree to disagree.
Me too, until he starts piling up wins for the Sox in the 2nd half of the season.
W'm Roger Clemens will be 44 this year. I think that he's had enough, but then, W'm Roger will do anything to keep his name in lights.

Maybe he'll get caught up in the Roid Controversy.
PLUS, there was a beaning on National TV, in July, 2000, where W'm Roger went blank for a moment.

It was defended by that hideous Hair Dye Job, named Tim The Dim Bulb.

W'm Roger was NOT believed by any Sportswriter worth his salt.

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