Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Stuff

This season's Fenway Park improvements.

Some good stuff in there. But I think everyone will be most excited for the Dunkin Donuts coffee. It will now be a battle of beverages Jere's never* had at Fenway.

Also, not only is Wily Mo not helping our pitching staff, but Bronson is helping the Reds' hitting. I understand the cash we threw in to the trade contributed with a sac fly as well.

*Except for a sip of Miller High Life at age 3, beer-wise, and some instant coffee in a hotel in Chicago that the airport put me up in due to a snowstrom on my way out to college at age 18, coffee-wise. Wasn't a huge fan of either. Never drank either again.

We should've kept Arroyo and had him pinch hit for Papi, eh.
Bronson homering! He is a fine fit in the National League.

Miller isn't such a great beer, anyway.

I've also begun calling Kay, y2Kay in my blog.

I'm a year and a half ahead of you on that one, Michael. My reasoning is because Dunbar hasn't won since...Y2K.
Y2K is STILL the 20th Century, as The Red Sox have won a Championship in THIS Century.

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