Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mach 2: A Bird Killing

Record in games decided by five runs or less:

Red Sox 4-0
Dunbar 0-4

Record by series:

Red Sox 2-0
Dunbar 0-2

The Sox busted up some serious Baltimore chifforobe this weekend. Stern did a good job filling in for Coco today. I think Coco is going to get a nice, long standing ovation at the home opener. (The '46, not '86, AL champions will also be honored.) Meanwhile, in the Bronx on Tuesday, I don't see much of a reason for yankee fans to cheer Johnny, but we will see.

All that talk of the infield defense, and they make two Es. Fortunately, they didn't cost us the game. I knew Wake would be gold today after the crappy first start. And Foulke looked like Papelbon, while Papelbon looked like Papelbon Lite. But it worked. Sweeps are fun.

If the Yanks are willing to lose every series this season, then they can go ahead and win every third game by a blowout as far as I'm concerned.

Let's hope this talk about a Coco Crisp broken finger are baseless, though.
Coco's got a broken finger. Out for a month, apparently.
That is not official as of 6am this morning. Let's not alarm anyone yet. No XRAYs or MRI were taken, until today.

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