Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Long Inning

Bad game tonight. Fortunately, I've got those wacky Devil Rays to root for, and they've put themselves in position for a win. Up two, headed to the bottom of the tenth. Can we please not walk the first batter on four pitches?

3-0. Classic whoever-plays-the-yanks (except us) behavior. And there we go. Walk to the leadoff batter. That's thirteen walks by D-Rays pitching, a new record for the club. It's unbelievable that any reliever in this situation would walk the first guy. Okay, Miceli got a K. One out.

There are almost no fans left in the Bronx. The wings of the upper deck were empty to start the game anyway. Imagine a Red Sox game at Fenway, tied in the ninth, and seeing one empty seat? Come on, it's not that cold. But now, especially with the D-Rays' deuce in the top of the tenth (off the great Mariano), most of the season ticket holders are back in New Rochelle.

Two outs now. Come on, Devil Rays. Seriously. Damon up. Miceli looks so very, very old and tired. He seems to be trying his hardest to make the yanks win however he can. No replay on a very close check swing that went in Damon's favor. Ball four. Fourteen walks. Great job, asshole.

Now it's Jeter as the potential winning run. D-Rays skipper to the hill: "A few more walks and we break the ML record, come on, guys! Or better yet, how about giving up a cheap bloop single to right to make Jere sweat a little more!"

1-1 on the cheating dick. 2-1. Shef on deck. Single. At least it wasn't a walk.

Here's another dick. Sheffield. How about some foul homers, Shef, then a K? Deal? Rays bringing in caller number 10 to face Shef. Miceli seriously looked like a contest winner, chosen at random to "face your favorite players in a real game!"

A-Rod's on deck. How about a walk so A-Rod can come up and end the game. No, I should be careful what I wish for. Strike one to Fuckface McGee. I sense a foul HR. Catcher to mound. Last of Dunbar Universe drifting off...drifting off...dreaming now. 2-1 now. Uh, D-Rays, come on. Why must you do this to us?

Hey! The third baseman almost dicked us over, but had time after the bobble to throw out Shef! Haha! Devil Rays win.

How sweet is that. Murderer's Cai-Row (woohoo, Cairo, hence my crafty nickname, is back!) picked up 14 walks and 6 hits, leave 16 men on, and only get 2 runs and lose to Tampa. George's ass must be burning with pure fire.

Hey, Dunbar fans, here's your chance to tell me how I'm obsessed with the yanks, as if I'm going to somehow change what I've been doing my whole life so you'll "respect me as a baseball fan." Or care at all that what you think of me.

What a weird day. Linked by Eric Wilbur for my mascot post, then Dirtdog himself links that, giving me more hits than Pete effin' Rose. All because I took a picture of a couple of big, furry socks with faces. Funny, Dirtdog inadvertently giving me publicity. If you came here from there, just know that you are allowed to think for yourself, you don't have to listen to the "big dog." He's full of poopy.

And now Beth is linking to me. The '04 world-flip is now complete.

I've also featured a drawing here, and I realize it would be more appropriate if was Tampa that got the walks. Oh, well. I'm not messin' with that guy. He looks so happy. Let's not tell him he's all f'd up.

This evening, I went off on The NY Post, a Proud Sponsor of DFyankees, for all their News Corporate Hypocrisy.

I do give you credit for the use of the name of "Mr Dunbar."
what? i can't link you? ;-)
That ray has evolved in disturing ways.
Very interesting story you're breaking there, Michael.

Sam, yeah, what with the face on top and human feet and all. But that's what god--me in this case--wanted for it.

Beth's linkin' and winkin', how odd. Anyway, thanks, Beth. (holds out a candy bar) "You--you've earned it."
//Imagine a Red Sox game at Fenway, tied in the ninth, and seeing one empty seat?//

that yankee fan I was telling you about, with 3rd base box seats at Fenway? Well he used to take his ex-girlfriend there a lot. She would start whining and begging to leave (regardless of weather, score, whatever) by the sixth inning. AT FENWAY. the girl went to BC. And she doesn't know better? Even a yankee fan knows that's a sacrilege.
Happy ending in the Dunbar game saves the day..or comes as close as possible. Go Josh, and Jere, I enjoyed the comment debate yesterday. I'm not that used to all the back and forth on my still evolving blog. Take care. Oh, and that was ball four!
Love the Fred Flinstone feet on the Ray.

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