Monday, April 10, 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls...

My all-time favorite baseball player:

it is supposed to be a mystery? I won't give it away.
What mystery? Because the last time you asked where a pic was from, I jokingly said it was a secret? Well, no, there was no secret there (DiNardo pic was from Opening Day '05) and this isn't supposed to be a mystery either (Ortiz pic from their NYC hotel through the window, Sep. '05). Happy, Papi?
yeah, that's where I thought that DiNardo pic was from. And I knew what this one was, of course. I just said that b/c I can't necessarily identify him in this picture. maybe it's my computer. If I hadn't been there, (or remembered from seeing a zillion pics from there) I wouldn't know.
This was white man's film, Jere.
Can you brighten it up?
Use your brightness button.
Don't know how to de-default. Besides, can't deal with any word that contains the sub-word, fault.
ps. Peter, I can tell Jere won't let me off the hook on this one. Who is it?
Mom--I had no idea you actually didn't know who the person was! It was right when Ortiz had his press conference, saying how great it was to play in Boston for Sox fans, etc, so a tthat momen, he pretty much clinched being my "favorite of all-time." So, to answer your question: It's David Ortiz. Also, check the comment above, I kind of said it there, too.

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