Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy Crap

Not only is Pedro on schedule to pitch Monday night when I'll be at Shea (in the second game of my two-city Patriots' Day doubleheader), but he'll also be going for win number 200! And my seats are upper deck, but right behind home plate, for the perfect Pedro view.

Ooh, nice tix, congratulations!
Have you figured out where you're parking for the MA end of the trip?
For night games, I've got parking down. But for day games, what can I do besides garage? It seems like I never go to day games, probably because there are so few in the first place. Also, of course, it will be the marathon. So if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I actually saw a sign on the Mass Pike last night saying to watch for traffic out by 495 that day.
Are you willing to use public transit to get back to your car, or walk a mile or two? You could park in Cambridge or at BU and miss the finish line congestion.

Road closings list

A lot of colleges will leave their parking lots open and free that day. I think the key is going to be staying on the north side of the pike, or right by an onramp.
Petey Petey! Jolly good job Jere.
I think the pike will be driveable before the game ends at 4. I can't back that up, though.

Parking in BU's babcock st. lot means you have to cross the marathon course to get there, so that's a no go :(

You could park in the cheap ($1/hour) garage by the public library in central square, cambridge, then take the T there. Getting on the pike from there is basically 2 left turns, a bridge, and a left to the onramp. I can give more detailed directions if you're interested.
Twitch, thanks for the advice, but keep in mind the game's 11 AM, not ending at 4. So, people will still be finishing around 2 when the game ends, right? I don't want to park far away, since I'm trying to get out quick. If I just park in one of the Fenway area garages, can I get to the pike via Mass Ave? Or will there be runners in the way?
doh. you're right. I thought the game started at 1pm.

That path should be okay. The runners enter Kenmore on Beacon st and leave on commonwealth ave, so Fenway park and the pike are both south of the course if you take the mass ave onramp.
& where you'll be @ Shea, you'll be able to wave to pilots on approach to La Guardia.

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