Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hollywood Insider

(AP Photo)

The dailies are in from the upcoming drama Cardinal Sin. Alec Baldwin (center) plays aging ballplayer Roger "Sin" Sinclair. Mercilessly stalked by "Jere" (Michael J. Fox) and "Reb" (Heather Locklear) (together in crowd, above Baldwin), Sinclair must decide if his holding on to his career is worth risking his life. Ed Norton (left) co-stars as colorful rookie sensation Raisin Brantley.

I was pretty well amused. Then came Ed Norton. That put me over the edge to actually laughing out loud.

Word verification of the day: nygnm...as in "New York got no mo'".
Another casting call. Keep Michael J. in there , and for the rest, well.........
All I have to say about Mulder is "goddamn Spartan".

Also every time I visit your site now and get your top bar, I think I've reached a defunct page. I am, like tiny kittens, easily confused.

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