Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Night, I-Rene*, Russo

It's too bad my mom was in the crowd last night, since she would've thought the Rene Russo stuff was funny. Russo was once considered to play a role in the movie version of one of my mom's books, which never materialized. Nights like that in the booth make me feel bad for the New Englanders of Fairfield County, who don't get to see the most fun team with the most fun announcers. Maybe someone needs to ship RemDawg Unleashed to someone, so they can see what they're missing, and maybe something can finally be done about that travesty.

I like how people say "Youk" even if it's only a pop-up that he's about to make the routine catch on. Then again, there aren't really any other players you can do that for. I'm sure a lot of people say "Loretta" when he's about to catch a pop-up, but it's not going to be decipherable unless everyone says it at the exact same moment. It's a lot easier with "Youk."

Great job by Stern in his last game for a while.

We're gold at 11-4. We have to keep taking advantage of the Rays, since everyone else will have that same chance, too.

Did you hear what the 84-year old woman who won the 10 million dollar jackpot in AC said? "Somehow, I'll spend it. I'll spend it at the casino, and I might go to Vegas." Wow. That's a committed gambler.

*Can be pronounced "eye-REEN," for the "Good Night, Irene" pun, or "eye-ra-NAY," to fit with the Russo, or like "irony," since there's some irony in all this, what with it being a bad game, but a good night for the Sox, or in the way Russo talked of how announcers keep you entertained even if the game "sucks," and then she herself ended up in the booth during a blowout, leading to more non-baseball talk (about her) to keep us entertained after she left while the game was dragging on. Or the thing about how my mom sees every game, but missed one which had stuff she would've enjoyed--because she was at the game. One of those things must be ironic.

The whole interview was uncomfortably funny. I liked how they were trying to figure out whether she was a Sox fan or just a Hollywood phony saying she was a huge fan, and they got the answer in less than two or three questions. The part where they asked her if she had dated Tommy Lasorda was hilarious.

I don't even think she had a clue who was interviewing her.
But then how did Rene know that Don didn't like grits?

I like how she's named after philosopher Rene Descartes. Je pense, donc je suis.

(I could be wrong about the name thing.)
Unsettling news about Foukie. In a report in today’s Globe (Thurs.) he said the lubricant shots that have alleviated the pain in his knees is already wearing off, 3 weeks or so after he got them. They are supposed to work for months. Al least that is my personal experience with friends who had the procedure. Go to my blog for more, if you wish. It’s linked. This was the last kind of news I wanted to hear about him. He could be such an invaluable set up guy in our ‘pen. It sucks. It really does.
Hey Jere, Mom here.
The greatest irony is Adam's. Phooey.
We loved the game, labeled it "The No Pain Game" because everything went our way. Who needed Rene when we were there for such a great night.
So today, we're walking along Boylston looking like the Bobbsy Twins with our official, spanking new Red Sox caps we gave each other for our birthdays (the fitted kind with no tell-tale little buckles/snaps), and this construction guy says to us, "Hey! How much?" Then he laughed all over himself. You reach a certain age and you no longer look like fans, you look like your selling stuff. However, then he noticed my Ortiz Dominican shirt and immediately turned into Mr. I-Am- Impressed. Too late--I'd already given him the read-between-the-line three-finger salute.
Thanks for the tickets, kiddo. You're the best.
I've had so many compliments on MY shirt, too. Its twin. Thanks Jere. Haven't seen any others yet, but the warmth of summer is getting closer, day by 78 degree day.

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