Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gedman-Game Plan

Since Gedman wore 10, why the hell haven't I been referring to my 10-Game Plan as the Gedman-Game Plan? Or "The Geddy"? As in, "Chan, I'm going up to Boston this weekend." "Geddy seats?" "Yeah."

Tonight is the third game in this year's Geddy. (They load you up in April and September.) I won't be there, though. This is the one I gave to my parents. So far, in year three of the Geddy, Plan Y, game 1 I went to with Witchy, game 2 I went to with Empy, but we never made it out there, as Andrew's 12-Eight seast happened to have two seats adjacent to his available, and now game 3 will go to mom and dad. So, no games have been attended by the classic me & Pat combo. Game 4 will be our first of two Dunbar games that are always included in the Geddy, May 22nd. It's a weekday, so we'll see what happens. But I'm pretty sure I'll be taking that day off.

Did you know the Red Sox have won 18 straight one-run games at Fenway? Doesn't seem possible.

I'm new in these parts and was hoping I could figure it out without asking, put your parlance has me confused. "Dunbar"?
Never mind. I just read the About the Blog, which I should've done before hand. Dunbar. Carry on.
I know we've HAD 18 one-run games, but won them? In a row? Wow! Never would have guessed. Keep that streak going, although tonight, I'd rather win by 10.
Welcome aboard, Jeremiah. Maybe I should still be making "Dunbar" a link to the original explanation.

Peter--maybe it sounded weird the way I wrote it anyway. I should have said "the Red Sox have won the last 18 one-run games played at Fenway."

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