Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday Night

Classic flip-back-and-forth last night. Mr. Dunbar was in the bottom of the ninth, tying and winning runs on second and third, two outs. Red Sox were in the bottom of the eleventh, winning run at third. At the exact same time. Both went the right way, as Matsui struck out to end the game, and Foulke pitched out of the jam, easing my mild heart attack.

Of course, our game went on, and thanks to the masterful work of Rudy Seanez, we're now only a half game in first, but still way up on Dunbar.

I don't like this macho pitching thing. Remy was talking about how co-aces like to outdo each other. I say, if you're done, get the hell out of the game so your teammates can get you the win. Tito needed to be more prepared when sending Beckett out for the ninth. And if he hit that guy in retaliation of a guy getting hit by a curve ball, well, it cost us the game, enough said.

Gee, non-macho pitchers who aren't Rudy Seanez, and could eat up innings in an extra-innings game? I can think of one. Clue: Les Nessman.

That Lowell rollover throw play was incredible.

I was very glad about that Dunbar game, though. It was the first game, I believe, they played on "My 9," their non-cable channel, so LOTS of people got to see them an say, "The Brosius yanks would've pulled that one out." It really was the classic "man-ystique destiny, yanks come back to win because the other team is afraid of the loud noise of the Stadium" game. But they fell just short. It was very sweet. Damon, who's 7 for his last 31, made the first out of the ninth, and A-Rod, who is just dying to come through in the clutch for once in his life, made another.

Terrible job by John Flaherty. Wasn't he on the Red Sox a month ago? Just now I watched him co-host the yankee pre-game. F that guy. F him to H.

Well, in Beckett's defense, he only had 79 pitches through 7 when he came out in the 8th. No reason not to bring him in.

And, he had a long wait while the Sox got him a big lead, so a wild first pitch isn't out of the question. He barked at himself right after it happened, and unless we're saying Josh Beckett was retarded enough to think that HBP of SeaBass was intentional, I don't see any evidence it was on purpose, especially since most retaliation pitches wait until there are 2 outs.

He just lost it, and lost it quick to a damn good lineup. It happens. It sucked. Timlin's pitch to Glaus though- that was atrocious.
Why are red sox fans so annoying?! All you do is whine and cry and bad mouth yankee players that you only wish would come to boston. If you had Damon or A-Rod or Jeter, etc.....ya know all the players you "hate" you'd have to find something new to b***h about. I dont understand why you cant just enjoy your team, have fun with the rivalry, and know when to stop. All Sox fans talk about are the Yankees. It doesnt make you look cool and believe me the players nor their fans could give a s**t what you think about them. It just gives people the impression that while you may wear Boston colors, deep down you're really obsessed with and envious of New York, because thats ALL you talk about!! A true fan of baseball doesnt talk smack anyway. Thats not what baseball is all about. While Im a Yankee fan and hate the Sox, I appreciate baseball all around. I dont constantly put down the Sox, I'll admit when they do something good, and I'll even admit that they have talented baseball players. Now, as much as you hate the Yanks, could you admit that they have some talent...(without bringing up money because thats a whole different issue.) If you cant admit to that then you are just a fair weather fan and not a true fan of the sport.
What are you doing here? If it bothers you, go away.

"Why are Red Sox fans so annoying?" Ahhh...generalizations, stereotypes. I mean, they just replace thinking so effectively, don't they?
Pitch way was Beckett finished. At least no way that we knew of. Higher powers, I guess. Concentration, maybe.
Red Sox fans are annoying and Dunbar fans are anonymous.

Dunbar has talent. There, I said it. So, that makes me not a fair-weather fan? I don't think you know what the term means.
//All Sox fans talk about are the Yankees//

er, I'm sorry mr.afraid-to-identify-self, did you mis MOST of that post?

//nor their fans could give a s**t what you think about them//

then why, exactly, do you come here to find out what jere thinks?

//deep down you're really obsessed with and envious of New York, because thats ALL you talk about!!//

*picks self off the ground, attempting to stop laughing long enough to type comment*

not obsessed enough to go around to NY blogs and shit in their comment threads... but I think i can understand now why you think that's all jere writes about: because obsessed people, when reading something, see "blah, *obsession* blah, blah. *obsession's demise*, blah. etc.

//A true fan of baseball doesnt talk smack anyway//

I see. So you are here to declare yourself a non-true baseball fan?

//If you cant admit to that then you are just a fair weather fan and not a true fan of the sport.//

'cause, you know, what you think of other teams has SOOOOO much to do with your level of loyalty.

YOU are the one, anonymous, who is whining and crying and bad-mouthing red sox fans. YOU are annoying, and if you had anything valuable to say you'd start your own blog instead of shitting on others.
Thanks, Reb.

I can't wait til this person starts telling us about eating their own farts.
Jere, that's disgusting. Eerily prescient, but disgusting nonetheless.
Hey, check the back comments. That's what anonymous does.
Potato -- I do eat my own farts. Mussina roolz!!
To The Illiterate Anonymous yankee Blatherer:

How does one physically consume one's own flatulence?

A-Rod is analysed here, because of his action on the field, of slapping a ball loose for interference;

Damon was no great shakes defensively, as I've noticed him kicking a baseball around, as if he was trying out for The N. E, Revolution, so the Dunbar Team can have him & his lack of throwing accuracy;

At least there's a degree of great literacy in Red Sox Nation, which I cannot see in yankeeland;

& you can have Tim Mc Carver, your nation's greatest apologist.

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