Monday, April 10, 2006

Four More Minutes!

...until the phrase "four more years" becomes ubiquitous in reference to Ortiz' new contract. It should be announced at 3:00 today. Maybe.

Also, yesterday, Dunbar announcer Ken Singleton talked about how before dugout screens, it was a lot more dangerous to sit in the dugout, implying all parks are equipped with screens. My first thought was, "They don't have those at Fenway." Sure enough, from today: "There will be a screen to protect Sox personnel in the dugout. It could prevent extra bases on errant throws that would have gone into the dugout. Francona said the protection is a good thing, and "maybe we can relax a little when David [Ortiz] comes up. There are times it looks like he's aiming [at us]." Francona said the screen is removable if players and coaches find they can't see the game well."

Removable. Interesting. I wonder if their will be advertising on the poles holding the screens. Or maybe they could be named after Varitek or something.

Jere, the other Jerry, Remy his last name, touched on this same item yesterday, and said something to the effect that the Fens will be installed with the same protective dugout gear for those less attentive ones in the dugout. Wish I was one of those talented enough to occupy that space.
I had the O's announcers yesterday so I missed that. Jim Palmer looks and sounds like Lloyd Braun. (The "second" Lloyd Braun, when he was out of the looney bun.)
Do you think they'll announce the Coco injury with the Papi stuff? I'm not sure....
Ortiz on EEI-

Said that right after being released by MIN, saw Pedro in the DR. Told him what happened, and Pedro picked up his cell phone and called Theo directly.
One of my favorite memories from the 2004 season: It's September and Dave Roberts is at the plate. He hits a foul ball the other way and it careens through the Sox dugout, sending everyone diving out of the way. A few pitches later, while they are all laughing about the near miss, he does it again, and everyone dives out of the way again. Immedieately, David Ortiz is running out of the dugout waving a white towel over his head in surrender, as the TV cameras cut to a laughing Dave Roberts.

There, a wonderful Ortiz memory AND a no-protective screen memory rolled into one.

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