Thursday, April 13, 2006

First Fenway Trip Teaser

Just made it back to NYC from Boston in about three hours. And got a spot right in front of my apartment in my borrowed car. This would be the end to a perfect night, if only the Sox had won. But I did get to see the first Red Sox homer by both Wily Mo and Dustan Mohr. Here's your teaser pic: the guy who ran onto the field to personally congratulate Wily Mo being carted away, and receiving a high five from one of his new fans. (He may have a lot more--check out the dude in the red Nixon shirt with his back to the field. There's an arm around him. Are they getting their picture taken with "the guy who ran on the field" in the background?)

Six hours til work, so this is all you get for now.

Yawn. That's what you might be doing much of today. But I'm glad you had fun. Boomer can only get better. We all know that.
Boston to NY in 3 hours is pretty amazing.
Yeah, it usually takes me about 2 hours 45 minutes to get from Boston to Stamford. Tuesday night after the Sox opener, it took me about 3 hours 15 minutes...but I had to stop for a second time on the Mass Turnpike after my coke exploded all over my dashboard.
It was pretty late, no construction, perfect weather. My spot was a ten-min walk from Fenway, 10-sec drive to Pike on-ramp. And it was about 3:15 including a stop for gas, Cherry Coke, and cheddar chese pretzel Combos. So I had everything goin' for me, and I took advantage. It's like the highways were KC Royals' errors, and I capitalized on them.
I didn't know you were going last night, I would have swung by. Where are your Tenth Homo sapiens seats this year? I got a last-minute ticket for the Wells fiasco.

I'll be there tonight with the mojo man NU50 and 12eight will be in 12eight, too.

I hope the Red Sox grant us clemency.
Empy--We're in the 4-3, same seats as the last two years. Where were you?

We'll get clemency with Clement, see. But Clemens--he bad. If I see him this year I'll be sick and need the vitamin C of a clementine, or as I call it: Clemen-C.

Taking wordplay way too far is fun for everyone.
Rollin' with Rocket..the way to the World Series.

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