Friday, April 21, 2006

Fatty McGee To Go Bye-Bye? (Crosses Fingers)

The end of a big, fat era?

If Wells does quit, well, that's what we get for keeping the old, unhealthy guy who didn't want to play here over the young, healthy guy who did. (Can you tell I still think I'm definitely right on this one?)

And it would also mean I wouldn't have to see that yankee any more!

Wish he had decided BEFORE the season started, but bone on bone knee joints are unpredictable, I guess. Leaves a spot in the rotation for Rocket, though. I know you can't wait, he said tounge in cheekly.

Thanks For Last Season, but I think it's time to hang it up.
I don't know what my reaction would be if Fat Jack were to be replaced with Roger F-ing Clemens. They're both Australia-sized a-holes.
Maybe Wells was acquiring Ruth's old clothes so Roger could sniff them.
Wait, so you guys would be against picking up Roger Clemens for only some money- no prospects, no years, no nothing but adding an historically great pitcher for the stretch run?

What am I missing?
That's just Jere speaking. I love the guy, but he and I differ on Clemens. Anything that would help us win another Series Championship would be great. Stick Rocket in the rotation and, voila!
We'd have won the world championship last year if Schilling hadn't been hobbled. Without Clemens.
However, I wouldn't say no to Clemons because George would be so monumentally pissed off if he came back home. And if Roger did, maybe he'd even mention the guy who went right up to him in the bullpen in Toronto and said to him, "How could you do this? You were my boyhood hero." And then go on to say how much that affected him.
Jere's mom.

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