Friday, April 28, 2006


Yesterday, me and a co-worker went downtown for a work-related thing. That thing took place at 36th and Broadway. We went down around 4, stayed for a while, then walked down Broadway to Madison Square Park, home of Shake Shack. And everything felt normal. Until today, when I read that a dude tried to parachute off of the Empire State Building. If the class will whip out their NYC maps, you can see that my walk took me right past there at the time cops were pulling him back. So, if this guy had jumped, and his chute hadn't opened, or even if it had, there would have been a reasonably good chance that instead of reading this blog, you'd be reading about the blogger who got killed by a flying body. Scary stuff. But worth the risk, for sure. You just don't get that kind of excitement in French Lick.

Also from the Daily News, check out this article, where stupid Damon continues to reminisce about the good old days, right from the yankee clubhouse!

Not a chance, Jere. I have full confidence that if that dude had jumped, and you were right under him, that Dave Roberts would have come dashing out of nowhere and pulled you out of the way with about a foot to spare.
You're probably right, Adge-muh, you're probably right...

About your previous question about Bob Knepper: The post contained nepotism, hence Knepper. I think I actually meant "narcissism," but Chan's there, too, so it's still nepotism. Or something.
//if anyone can do it, this team can. By God, we did it,//

Raise your hand if you think Johnny Demon actually says "by God".

Jere, dirtdogs is still pushing the 'cheer' johnny shite on their site.

Man, I hate steve silva.
I don't read interviews with dead people.
ps. It's true. Dave Roberts would have saved you.
Silva is a yankee Fan & you know how little they know.
I really wish an uninformed little fucken cunt like yourself would have died. That would have made me happy to know that some dude, hopefully a YANKEE fan, would have landed on a complete waste of human flesh - like yourself, Barbara Streisand, and Tom Cruise. It would have been abortion. time don't tease us Yankee fans by telling us you almost got killed. Hay bendito!!!!! BTW, how many different ways can you spell Brossard?
oh, and by the way, I STILL like to smell my own farts. It never gets old!!!
sorry Jere, that second "anonymous" was me...I just couldn't resist :)

Thanks for explaining the 'Knepper' post...I spent a fair amount of time trying to guess that one the other night, to no avail.
Remember, BSM and Andrew, you cheer Damon , you cheer alongside people like our anonymous friend here.

How many ways can I spell Brossard? Well, I can put a "U" in there, if I wanted to spell it correctly, you "fucken" dope.

Also, you do realize that the yankee fan also would've died in the scenario you described, right? And I'm trying to figure out your connection between me and Cruise/Streisand.
The intelligence of Yankee fans never ceases to astound.

You do realize you've revealed yourself as the classless piece of garbage, right, Mr. Anonymous?
Actually, the other ironic/amusing thing here is that Tom Cruise is a Yankee fan.

Don't know about Babs though.
What you have in common with them is they make no you...they talk you...they are little fucken cunts guessed it...YOU!!!!

You are so smart, you know how to correctly spell Broussard....woo-hoo...Jere is a spelling bee champion. many different ways can you spell Victor Martinez? Did I misspell that too? You little cunt!!!

See, if you were a site like the soxaholix then you'd be funny. There's humor and then there's stupidity. You are the latter, ladder, which one is it spelling bee champion? Latter, ehh…dickus? If you had some intelligent insight like other Sawx fan sights then I wouldn't be so hateful, but all you do is spew hatred. Seriously, you should look to change your ways…but then again I don't expect you to change your ways, you're too stupid to understand. It's a baseball game….I love baseball, but it's assholes like you that make it impossible to go to Fenway and watch a baseball GAME. When you look at yourself in the mirror I hope you see a big a fucken sweaty cunt with vaginosis ideas being spewed from your stupid little brain. You can't stand our President for dividing our country, but ask yourself….what have you done for America and bringing us together. A bit too deep, ehh Jere? It shouldn't be about your little Red Sox crew, I run with the Red Sox crew….I love the 'B'….blah…blah…if you were to die, the Red Sox could give a crap about your ass. If I were to die, the Yankees could give a crap about me. Don't take it so seriously and mellow the fuck out. Try and have a little less hate, be a bit more objective and try not to look at things with rose colored glasses. Eventually, you are just fooling yourself. But again, a fool doesn't know they are being played….

Lastly, if you despise the hatred coming out of BDD website then why are you practicing the same damn thing? I'm watching the Mets game and I'm seeing Braves fans screaming and cheering for Julio Franco, the Braves - Mets rival is pretty bad, not as bad as Yanks - Sawx, but why does it bug you that in Damon's first at-bat the fans shouldn't pay him respect? After his first at-bat, boo his ass all you want…say he swallows ARod's load, whateva other nonsense you stupid Sawx fans come up with, but are you serious in your line of thinking that Damon doesn't deserve to be cheered for at least one at-bat? Come on…grow up already. It's only a game. Ask yourself this, would you have traded the events that transpired in 2004 for NOT having Damon sign with the Yanks? It's like being the mother of Charles Manson and forgetting how happy you were the day he was born, yeah he turned into a pretty fucked up human being but when he was born I'm sure his mother was happy - look honey, we have the 2nd coming of Lucifer. Just like I'm sure your mother is happy when you post how you'd like to go into Yankee stadium and bludgeon everyone of their fans.
Hmmm. Someone's off his meds tonight. And left his dictionary in his cell.
It's the three exclamation points that really drive each point home.

(Shhh...he still doesn't get the "fucken" thing.)
(Oops, my bad.)

Maybe Mr. Anonymous is really Sheffield posting while in 'roid rage. Ever thought of that?

I'm still trying to figure out what 'vaginosis ideas' means. I'm wondering if he read it on a feminine hygiene product wrapper while dumpster diving in the Bowery.
Remember, BSM and Andrew, you cheer Damon , you cheer alongside people like our anonymous friend here.

I'd like to think I'm cheering alongside people that consider the 2004 World Series victory and all the great things he did more important than his taking some cash and playing for the Yankees.

Jere, what do you think about Luis Tiant?
Man, I'd say something about what he wrote, but I got tired of reading about three sentences in.

I guess it's nice that he likes the Soxaholix. It's "latter", by the way. I did get that far in.
You are all so much smarter than Mr. Anonymous....instead of harping on Mr. Anonymous, try understanding his/her point then comment.

BS Memorial makes a good point, Tiant left the Sawx and took Big Stein's cash he a traitor? I guess you won't buy one of Tiant's sausages at Fenway because you hate him too.

At least be consistent. Again I think Damon, at the very least, deserves some respect by the Fenway Faithful for the joy he brought Red Sox fans. I'm sure even Pumpsie Green would agree that not all Sawx fans are white, angry, beer guzzling, bigot spouting, 20 and 30 year olds. Give him his one acknowledgement and then go back to being a bunch of white angry SOB's that you all are. I've been to Sawx games, not much color there....if you fail to even acknowledge that then you haven't even opened your eyes yet. Simply put, it's the mob mentality at its finest in Fenway. A bunch of 20 year olds spending mom and dad's money, going with their friends and getting cocked, then saying the most vile crap any person can think of. The funny thing is that you, Jere, are no different.
You know what, anonymous? First get a name. Make one up. You wouldn't want to be confused with another anonymous. That anonymous MIGHT be an idiot. You wouldn't want that, would ya. Everyone thinking you're the idiot whose love of baseball is dwarfed by the goal to diss and humiliate (another big word...look it up, schmuck) other good, more intelligent (that means smart, just in case you didn't know) baseball lovers such as Jere. And me. When you diss Jere, you diss me. But have you ever heard of Pandora's Box? Google it if not. Now crawl back into your deluxe sinkhole. Hey, I'm not hiding. If you want to spread your vileness to another Sox blog, take mine! Anytime, anywhere, maybe even while the Yanks slink into Fenway Monday and Tuesday. J E R K, what's that spell? You
And Loo-ie? I saw him pitch in person for the Sox numerous times, and he was as Red Soxian as they get. Game 1, 1975 World Series against the Big Red Machine, and he pitched a shutout, and from my seats 2 rows behind first base, he was mesmerizing. If you want to talk about Looie, direct your comments at me. You can call me Peter. I'll call you putz. Fair enough??
There's that yankee classiness everyone always gushes about...
Oh man, Pena just *had* to get that 9th-inning rbi and deprive Paps of his 11th save in April. Damn.
Actually, he got the save anyway, so scratch that.
And it was only his 10th!

Pena's looked really good to my eye so far this year.
What I find most amusing about Mr. Anonymous, is that like most Yankee fans, he'd rather not identify himself in a public forum.

In addition, I like the focus on parenting and the love of children in his comments. I figure if his parents despised him enough that he has that much shame in his name, a collection should be made to get him psychiatric help so he can get over his lack of self-esteem.

But hey, it's a shitty metaphor. I'll bite anyway. Parents can often become resentful when their children do something that isn't a good idea, or that they're fundamentally against. Especially when those children attempt to rub their parents' noses in it.

Continuing with your asinine line of thinking, Johnny Damon left the nest. To do something his parents (in this case, either the Red Sox organization or the Red Sox fans) do not at all approve of (Let's equate his signing with the Yankees to something equally atrocious, say raping his grandmother). Are his parents going to do everything in their power to let their child know that raping his grandmother was NOT the right thing to do? And that sending video and doing interviews about said disgusting act are equally vulgar and disrespectful?

So are a lot of Red Sox fans going to boo Johnny Damon? Hell yes. Are some going to choose to remember the four outstanding years he gave to Red Sox nation? Of course. Is it anyone's place to try to tell us what the fuck to do? No.

So anonymous, stop living in fear of your name. Whether it's Tom Cruise, Alex Rodriguez, or Dick Cheney...well, at least there's no innate shame in the name itself anyway.
Silva, whose site is sponsored by The NY Times Company, owner of The Boston Globe, has no real credibility.
Last Year, he told us to root for DFyankees vs
Pedro Martinez & now wants us to Stand Up & Cheer for Johnny Damon.

This guy Silva, I suspect, could be Dan Shaughnessy or Murray Chass, for all we know.
To the second anonymous, why are you claiming as fact (classic yankee fan trait) that I am no different than a 20-year old who gets cocked and says vile things at Fenway, when, in actual fact, I'm a 30-year old who has never had a drink in his life and rarely even says "shit" in public? I just continue to love how all you yankee fans do so much of the work for me. All I have to do is give you a chance to speak and you just spew out bullcrap and embarrass yourself and all the good yankee fans. Seriously, terrible job.

And I don't eat Tiant's sausages because I'm a vegetarian.

BSM, regardless of how I feel about Tiant, I wouldn't have cheered him in a yankee uniform. And about the 2004 thing, obviously I loved the guy, taking extreme close-ups of him in multiple cities, cheering for him no matter what, before, during, and after '04, and basically being called a "fan-boy" or whatever, and then being made fun of for wanting to not cheer him for signing with the enemy. It's like I'm not allowed to have emotions, and that's what this baseball thing is all about for me.

Also, there's this other idea from both anonymi that I'm this angry guy with no sense of humor, when I'm really doing basically a comedy site here, and, well, I'm done defending myself. People who actually read this thing know what I'm all about.
To clarify about Luis, I just mean I wasn't old enough to really have an opinion on 9/11/79 when he made his return to Fenway as a yank, but looking back, I wouldn't have cheered him, even though I would have loved him before that. The fact that I didn't go through that makes it easier for me to like him now, whereas with Roger, I witnessed him winning WS's with the yanks, etc, so I don't see me ever liking him again.
I am old enough to recall Luis Tiant's years with the Sox and I don't think it's the same thing as Damon's situation at all. If I recall correctly, the team elected not to re-sign him in free agency as his production had declined significantly over the previous 2 seasons and the concerns about his age. (Tiant was listed as 38 years old at the time but most people-including the Sox- believed that he was actually in his mid-40's.) He pitched 2 seasons for the Yankees before they released him as well.

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