Sunday, April 23, 2006


While waiting for my pizza at Delizia, I saw some of the Mets game playing on their TV. Chad Bradford was on the mound. Spicoli was up, but he was followed by, in succession, Doug Mirabelli, Mark Bellhorn, and Dave Roberts.

Dave Roberts is still my hero! That being said, it looks like the Red Sox have two expansion teams in the NL with all the ex'ers on the Dodgers & Padres.
that's pretty cool i have to say
last night I looked up at the tv at the bar and watched Dave Roberts (in camo) strike out against Pedro Martinez.
I saw the Rockies vs. Padres game with all 3 of them and Alan Embree last Tuesday. It started out as nice beer and mittens weather, then dropped to 38F and windy and went for 12 innings.

I'll blog about it once I get my photos developed (forgot my camera, bought a disposable one in Denver).

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