Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dunbar Redux/Damon, Re: Boo

The following is a previous post of mine from shortly after Johnny Damon signed with the yanks. Then and now, it briefly sums up my feelings on the matter. I think it's appropriate for the day Johnny returns to Fenway Park. It, along with a subsequent post, included below, also clarifies--this one last time, I swear--why I refer to the team from the Bronx as "Mr. Dunbar." The one thing I've added is a rendering of what Mr. Dunbar looks like to me. Feel free to use this as your guide, or draw your own version of Mr. Dunbar and send it in to me. Then I can do a post of all the Dunbars I receive. Here's original post #1, from 12/22/05:
Bob Ryan just doesn't get it. This article starts by telling Sox fans to give Johnny a standing O next season, prefacing it with the dreaded "show some class."

His reasoning seems to be: There was nothing unfair about what happened. (Yeah. So?) He was a really good player for the Red Sox. (Yeah. So?) Does he really think people are going to read his article and say, "Oh yeah...he was a good player. He did play by the rules. I'll cheer him as a member of the other team! I'll even cheer for his team to beat ours!"

Then he tries to compare this to Manny getting here the same way as Johnny left. As if Manny had been the star of the yankees before coming to the Red Sox.

Hey, Bob, your mom just divorced your dad and married the guy across the street--the one who used to molest you when you were little. But give credit where it's due. Give her a big hug. She always put food on the table for you, and she legitimately went through the divorce process and then had a nice legal wedding with Mr. Dunbar. She played by the rules. So show some fucking class when she and the new mister come over and have sex in your room.

Also, I had this fantasy that the yankee brass would end up wining and/or dining Damon here in NYC. And I'd find out where they were going and me and a hundred other Sox fans would go and hold up signs outside the window, telling him much we love him and want him to stay. And Johnny would give us all a wink over Cashman's turned back, letting us know he's just messing with the yanks. Then he'd sign with the Sox and we'd all live H.E.A.

It's just so disappointing how it went down. He didn't even see if the Sox could give him a better offer. (Note: any Red Sox offer would include clearance to grow hair on any part of the body if that's what one wanted, and fans who all already treat him like a god instead of ones who won't want him anyway because he stands against everything they represent.) It was just, "You wanna play for us?" "'Kay."

Very sad.

Note to homophobes: Go two paragraphs up for me talking about Damon winking at me! Gimme what you got! You may even impress some other homophobes and you could arrange to not hang out with them. Ever.

Post #2, from 12/30/05:

Ever since I compared the yankees to the mythical "Mr. Dunbar" in [the above] post, I've been thinking: The yankees should be referred to as simply "Mr. Dunbar" on this blog, effective immediately.

So, let's try it out, using a sample conversation between person A, who we'll call "Me," and person B, who we'll call "Chan":

Me: What up, C-Sekshin?

Chan: Hey.

Me: I'll be going up to Boston this weekend.

Chan: You gonna see a game?

Me: Yeah, Mr. Dunbar's in town for three.

Chan: You better watch out, Mr. D's got another murderer's row this year.

Me: Eh. Mr. Dunbar's overrated.

Chan: You going to any games at Mr. Dunbar's house this year?

Me: I should, I do live in his neighborhood.

Chan: Nice. Well, I gotta go watch "Lazy Sunday" for the hundredth time.

Me: I'll join you.


I'm so anti-cheer for tomorrow night, I've already come up with some excuses to use in case he actually does get cheers:

1. Group mentality.

2. When a portion of the crowd cheers, the booing only adds noise, making it seem like everyone is cheering. (See Clemens' "last" game at Fenway.)

3. The cheer side can add height and therefore visibility to its side by standing and raising their arms. The boo side can't sit any lower than they already are.

Remember these, because some Red Sox fans, I've learned, although I still can't believe it, will cheer for the New York yankees' leadoff hitter Monday night. But I'm hoping the boo people will not give in, and will try to out-boo the cheers. I also don't get this one: "I'll cheer him the first time for what he's done, but I'll boo from then on." Uh...why does he need the one extra set of cheers? You knew he was on the last year of his contract in 2005. You had so many chances to cheer him then for all he'd done. I know I took advantage of that opportunity. Guys like Millar, sure, they'll get a polite cheer from me as an Oriole. But to cheer a yankee? Not gonna happen. Not from me, anyway. If you're gonna do it, that's your call (with Lynn Doyle). But if it is, I, like, hope you don't have a ticket for tomorrow.

Somewhat of an amendment : I would have cheered Alan Embree or Mark Bellhorn playing for the Yankees. It'd be a pity cheer, but I still would do it.

Damon is another issue. The whole "I'd never play for the Yankees" and then going right ahead and doing that, and then forcing us to trade Andy Marte - I'll never forgive him.

PS Youkilis lost the game. Plate discipline by and large is a good thing, but sitting and watching three called strikes with a runner on third and less than 2 outs in the top of the 9th is terrible. Against a team with a terrible bullpen nonetheless. I know the Sox consider sacrifices as wasteful at-bats, but that is one situation where you give away an out to get the run home.

Mr. Dunbar looks like 'Mr. Dave', just my opinion though.

Do you mean "C-Sekshin" or "Shess-skin" (overspelled so you know what I'm saying).

I DID cheer for both Embree and Bellhorn (and even cheered Bellhorn IN Yankee Stadium).

It's a really different thing.
That was a bad AB by Youk, but without Seanez being Seanez, we could've already had the lead by the time Youk came up.

Casey--does look a little like the late Mister Dave, and good call getting two Ridgefield School system teachers into one comment. I believe savethejellyfish (comment above) is a Ridgefielder, too. Maybe they know these names.

Yeah, guys like Embree and Bellhorn, it's like, yeah, while it's still a terrile job, I'll turn the other way since they're just looin' for work anywhere they can get it, much like Rich Gedman once did very late in his career, although he never made the Dunbar big club.
Jesus, who the FUCK cares? Why have you spent like 25 entries on this shit? I feel like I'm reading a baseball themed US Weekly or something.

"Waaahhh! Don't cheer him!! Here's my infantile 750 word treatise on why the Yankees SUCK and the Red Sox rule, and why players should accept what the Sox give them and never go play for 'Mr. Dunbar'"

Why on earth would any player take less money just so you wouldn't have to see them play for NEw York? Do you realize how fucking ridiculous that is?

People are going to cheer him because they're adult enough to acknowledge that though they hate the Yankees, it's not far reaching enough to a petulant brat about the whole thing and not express to him how much we honestly loved him in Boston.
Dear yankee fan pretending to be a Red Sox fan and doing a really terrible job of it,

Am I forcing you to read this stuff? Start your own blog. Or try to engage in a debate with me instead of just yelling at me all the time. And at least admit you're a yankee fan. Obviously I let you people speak here, so there's no reason to pretend.
You beat me to it in your last response Jer. And the booing will drown out the cheering, if only for the fact that booing is lower on the audio spectrum range, effectively reaching all corners of the Park, our Park. Let's not get sidetracked, though. The final score is way more important than the boo/cheer ratio. Don't you think?
I thought Youkilis' AB was not bad at all, honestly, considering the circumstances. The first two pitches were beautiful- bearing hard sinkers on the outside corner. The best you can do with those is roll over them and hit into the game ending DP. The third pitch was probably the best of Camp's entire life- a beauty stuck on the inside corner. If Youkilis CAN actually get the bat on it, he either pops it up or shoots it to 1B. That is if he can even make contact with it, which he probably couldn't have considering he took it.

Sometimes the pitcher's just better. It was frustrating, but I don't blame Youkilis there. Shawn Camp just picked a shit time to throw three pitches of a life time there.

2004Dream seems like a cockbag, but I agree with one thing- I think it's unfair to expect Johnny Damon, in a situation where he was offered two sums of money, to take the lesser amount to appease some fans in Boston. He's not a Red Sox fan- he's a guy trying to sell his services. I jujst don't fault anyone for that, ever.
Well then we have to go back to: If you were a multi-millionaire, would you feel the need to take even more money, when you're already in the perfect situation, where everybody loves you, and you're basically allowed to do whatever you want, and you could walk away at any time and still have enough money to last the rest of your and your children's lives? Anyone who isn't a multi-millionaire can't know what that's like. I feel like I'd be fine with that situation, but until it happens to me, I'll never know. At the same time, though, I do think it's fair to feel negative feelings for someone who takes the extra money in that situation. And when the guy that gave the person that money is George Steinbrenner, well, you know where I'm going with this.

I also worry that him getting cheered will encourage him to do better in the game, hence making us lose. He seems like the type of guy who, if booed mercilessly by the people he supposedly loves so much (but only when YES cameras are turned off), would actually start crying. And it's hard to hit with tears in your eyes.
It's a free country. Johnny can take the money and the pinstripes. No one forbade him from doing so. But he can't expect to be loved and appreciated by the vast majority of RSN whilst doing it. He's a Yankee, thus he gets no love from me. Really, it's that simple. Had he gone to a different club, I would continue to cheer. I still celebrate Hatteberg's baseball victories, for crying out loud. But all bets are off when players go to the Bronx. Period.

I have a question for all the "Cheering for Damon" folks - are you going to cheer for him when he starts knocking the ball out of Fenway Park, too? When he makes an amazing defensive play for the Yankees and possibly robs us of a home run?
Do I like Johnny Damon now? No, I root against him. I would theoretically "boo" him every time, too. But this idea that you one last time acknowledge his time here before getting to that irrational "fan" place that we all inhabit isn't that far fetched to me. It just seems like a nice thing to do. What's the big deal?

I have a question for all the "Cheering for Damon" folks - are you going to cheer for him when he starts knocking the ball out of Fenway Park, too? When he makes an amazing defensive play for the Yankees and possibly robs us of a home run?

Is this a serious question? So now it's gone from "cheering him one time to say thanks, then give him hell," to "are you guys gonna applaud him when he BEATS us?!"

Come on. That's not close to what anyone wants to do.

BTW, we just re-acquired Doug Mirabelli, for, apparently, Rudy Seanez.

Holy crap! Okay, NOW we've got someone to give the standing O to! Deal?

Damn, I wish I was going tonight.
I totally disagree about Youkilis' at bat. He got up there looking to walk, not looking to hit. Strike two and three were completely hittable pitches. He stood there arguing strike three, which was easily within the strike zone.

As much as I think plate discipline is worthwhile, there are situations where you can't play the averages and you have to lock in runs by sacrifice - and that was one of them.
Fuck "Dirt Whores":

Johnny Damon is no longer an "Idiot";

He's a friggin' A-Hole.
I totally disagree about Youkilis' at bat. He got up there looking to walk, not looking to hit. Strike two and three were completely hittable pitches. He stood there arguing strike three, which was easily within the strike zone.

They were 93 MPH sinkers on the corner. I'm sorry, but not only were they tailor made DP pitches to the eye, but I have to trust the professional hitter when he's trying to hit there. He wasn't up looking for a walk, he was specifically up there looking for a pitch that he wouldn't drive into the ground. That's good situational hitting- and why Maddon brought Camp in.

If Youkilis made contact with either of those pitches, it was an easy 6-4-3. I'd nearly guarantee it.

It's easy to get so frustrated with an AB that was so huge, but there's not much he could have done. That third pitch was the only one he should have offered at, but he didn't- because Camp made a tremendous pitch. It happens.

He likely argued out of frustration. But I've watched the AB about four times now, and that was a masterful job by a really, really below average pitcher. Hey, it happens.
Is this a serious question? So now it's gone from "cheering him one time to say thanks, then give him hell," to "are you guys gonna applaud him when he BEATS us?!"

I sort of agree with Jere and Cyn - he was drowned in cheers when he was here. He was idolized and adored. He got more than enough cheering out of me. My mother dedicated an entire freaking wall of her sports room to the man. He was sufficiently thanked for all he did.

Now he's a Yankee. Totally his decision. I have never cheered for a Yankee in my life. I'm not going to start with Johnny Damon.
I totally meant to put section off the quote from the previous comment. My bad there.
That Mr. Dunbar picture looks like Jerry Remy's ne'er-do-well skinny meth-faced cousin. Must be the 'stache.
You all need to get a life, the sox are and always will be the number two team in the AL East. And Johnathan Papelbon is gay with Curt Schilling--and that was ketchup on his sock....
Yours Truley,
Darth Vader

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