Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Down, So Down"

After Friday, my take on things was, "We've lost three crappy games in a row, but the yanks lost on two of those days, so we'll be okay."

Which kind of worked out on Saturday, with that comeback (thanks, D-Rays) win. I watched that one down at Professor Thom's, but I didn't see any of my internet friends there. I'm still trying to figure out what the plan is with that starting rotation, what with our second-highest payroll team sending DiNardo to the mound every fifth day. And usually when Manny doesn't run out a ball, and a guy ends up bobbling it, he gets to see that he would've been safe had he hustled. But maybe he'll finally learn his lesson after Saturday, when not running all out actually cost him a home run, since the ball bounced away from the fielder in the outfield, resulting in what should have been an inside-the-park job.

Today, stupid Rudy Seanez forgets about wasting a pitch, and it costs us the game. But then I find out that Schilling did the same thing earlier (I'd missed the first part of the game). 0-2 pitch--HR. Terrible job. I don't know how any major league pitcher ever makes that mistake.

So now we go into the Dunbar series percentage points behind them. But we like that underdog role, he told himself.

Comments: cunt. So the Yankee pitching "404: yankees Pitching Not Found". You little dick having, insecure piece of dog shit....with no friends that show up to watch your pathetic team lose. Your only hope is Paplebon, he's the real deal...the bottom of your lineup is an automatic out everytime they are batting.
You didn't sit in front of your computer all weekend waiting for me to post something, did you?
Dunbar fans are scared even when they're in first place.

Good God, I love it.

Jere, I don't know why your blog attracts these Yankee pussies. They're pathetic, really.
Whoops, that was me, Jere...under my blogger name. :-)
Thanks, Cyn, and to all my other supporters. (Although this current "you little cunt" person seems like it might be a joke.)

Now we know about your other blog, Cyn!

That's so funny. I kind of wish the Dunbar minion had written "Why, you" instead. Like Bugs Bunny or Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners.
That 'other blog' is a new venture I've gone into with some friends. Mostly for our own entertainment, but hey if folks want to read us that's cool too.

I hope that first comment was a joke. I mean, really.
At the risk of sounding politically correct (and it's a risk because generally I resist such stances), I'd like to voice my offense at Anonymous' repeated use of the 'c' word.

Hey, jerk - that's your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or wife that you're talking about there. I wonder how they'd feel about you using that word so profligately (look it up!) and hatefully.

Can we extrapolate (look that up, too!) from there that all Yankee fans are as classless and unimaginative as you? I think not. I prefer to think that you're the kind of 'fan' that makes true Yankee believers cringe, just like those '20 year old Sox fans in the bleachers' make me want to puke with their equally unimaginative & vile chants.

You want to trash talk? Then man up, put your name to your comments, and talk like you actually know something about baseball and life. Until then, you're nothing but a gutless wonder who's no better than a spoiled 2 year old screaming for attention and probably needs a nap or a time-out.
I'm very politically correct, so I hate that they use it, too, but that's the reason I don't delete comments like that, so people can see what I deal with around here.

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