Monday, April 03, 2006

"Don't Look, Ethel!"

I was listening to WEEI today, and one host brought up Jimmy Rollins' current 36-game hitting streak. He said something to the effect of "You can't continue a streak the next year," very sure of himself. The other host agreed, and they moved on. How could they both say something so very wrong without anyone knowing to correct them?

I have heard recently that it is debatable, but only when referring to the streak as the "longest single-season hit streak." In that case, yes, DiMaggio would still hold the record. But when in your life have you ever heard Joe D.'s streak specifically called a "single-season" record?

In other words, this is just another attempt by yankee fans to keep an "unbreakable" record unbroken. I can hear it now: "Oh, well, he still has the longest streak among Italians..." Gimme a break.

I'll grant you this: I, of course, would love more than anything to see that record broken. I've rooted my whole life for that to happen. I always hoped it would be some .220 hitter who lucks out 57 games in a row. The streak is overrated anyway. Ted Williams had a better batting average over the 56-game span in which DiMaggio had his streak. Pressure-wise, toward the end, I'm sure it's tough. But even under extreme pressure, you could Jeter one over the second-baseman, and it's still a hit in the boxscore.

That said, if you still don't believe me that saying "Rollins can't break the record" is total bullshit, read what Major League Baseball has to say about it (from

"The streak will remain active for next season, and Rollins will need a hit in 21 more games to pass Joe DiMaggio's 65-year-old record. The record-setting game would come next April, pending no rainouts and no games sat out. If Rollins does it, he would be recognized as the all-time leader, but not as the single-season leader, unless he kept it going. Source: (Ken Mandel, 10/02/2005)."

If Rollins gets the all-time record, but not the single-season record, that will be fine with me. Just like I'll always be fine with the fact that the yanks were the 2004 AL East champions.

Red Sox at Texas, 2:05. For real!

2pm. Ain't that sweet. And by the way, I taped the RemDawg show for Reb, and she'll have it in a couple days. If you want to see it, I'm sure she'll send it to you with my compliments. Keep the tape.....enjoy.
I was in NESN territory this weekend (hence being able to listen to EEI), saw the Remy spectacular. Was pretty funny but should have been an hour. Thanks for the offer, though.
How about Joe D. and his streak. If it comes to it, the Yankees will say something like...longest hitting streak by ANYONE in history who was married to Marilyn Monroe. They should be safe with that one. Enjoy the 6-2 Sox win..(?)

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