Sunday, April 23, 2006


We needed that win today. Good job by Jon "Riggins" Papelbon. After the game, I threw on the ol' (meaning new) Pap T-shirt, and headed out to buy some razor blades, shaving cream, and ivory soap. (Because I happened to need them, not because Jon has inspired me to do another mohawk.) The first reaction came from a guy in his car: "Red Sox! Short-lived! Short-lived!" Ignored him. Two seconds later a guy in a yankee hat opened a door for me. So, it takes all kinds, or something.

I live in New York. I see yankee fans every day on the street. I've been on the 4 train on yankee game days this season. I've been on the Metro-North going to Connecticut right after a game in the Bronx. In other words, lately, I've seen large gatherings of yankee fans. And I'd like to point out that I have yet to see one Johnny Damon shirt.

I just got my 2 new Sox player tees this week: A navy "Crisp" shirt, and a red "Paplebon" shirt.

I don't think my fiance would let me emulate Paps further by getting a mohawk. Actually, after reading about his family and his new wife in the SoSH Red Sox Annual, I'm shocked that Paps actually got away with the mohawk, even if he had to pay on a bet. My guess is that he just shaves his head sometime this week.
That's sooo funny!
I've seen about fifteen, but, for whatever reason- every single one is on a girl. Not sure what that means.

I actually thought I heard someone say "We Got Damon!" under their breath to me the other day, but I couldn't possibly have cared less. Sometimes people say it to me on the wrong day, and they get a face full of expletives, which I always regret. But I get so few taunts I think just cos I'm 6'5" 230 lbs. If you know me, you know I'm a big sissy. But they don't know me.

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