Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Dunbar wins. Terrible day for Mussina to be on. At least that means we can widen the gap on "'Mrs. Toronto?' 'Tarantino.'" with a win by Schilling tonight.

Still, there's this interesting little factoid. If Baltimore loses to Cleveland tonight, the entire AL East will be .500.

Except the Red Sox, who will be at least 5 games above it after tonight.

Stupid early part of the season. No matter what's happened, it hardly means anything in the context of what will happen. You can't trust it to predict the future! Wish it were so based on this start.
I think these standings show exactly what's going to happen: All the other teams end up with mediocore records, but the Red Sox will end up with like 110 wins. No problem.
I could live with that.

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