Monday, April 10, 2006

The Coco Injury

The official word on Crisp. Crap. At least I'll get a Stern overdose.

Damnation. I could have used just the first four letters.
*breathes* *Tells self as long as Ortiz and Manny get going soon, the offensive drop-off won't be terrible, Stern has been good, the pitching is what really matters, oh God, it was fun to watch him run, damn, damn, damn*
Peter, my mom said, about the Coco situation, "tarnation." Must be a Hartford area thing. Saying words that end with "nation."

Devine, good threory. We'll get through this.

We won yesterday without Coco, and we'll probably be okay for the next couple weeks without him.
Stern was great yesterday; missed a foul ball of his by 3 inches; and at one point a guy in a Dunbar cap and jacket caught a foul ball and was treated to the ubiquitous chant by damn near all 37 thou at the game...good times, good times.

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