Thursday, April 06, 2006


"I'm not perfect," Cano said.

"We know," everyone else said.

Now if only we could get Jeter to admit to this. Derek did chime in, after last night's errorific game, with yet another subtle hint to the yankee brass:

"Everybody's talking about our offense, but it doesn't win games. You need pitching and defense."

Actually, Derek, I can think of one dude in this cubicle alone who's been talking about your pitching and defense for quite some time. But thanks for doing your part to start a controversy, which is what I always hope for in the Bronx. Seriously, instead of wording it like Jeter and Sheffield have, someone on the team might as well come out with, "We needed pitching but George went out and got that guy he had a crush on to play center field. Think of the pitching we could have had with that money! Damn!"

Good point Jere. Jeter softly criticises his boss, the Old Man. That's how it should and will be interpreted. And Mo has not yet pitched. Selective, or not smart? I like the two losses no matter which way of thinking prevails.
I don't think there is any available pitching to "get." Myers? Whatever. And what happens to the Yankees when they do run out and snag awesome pitchers? They either spend the season on the disabled list (Pavano) or they're not dominant enough to advance the entire team beyond the 1st round of playoffs (Johnson). Pitching-wise, the Yanks are sort of f'd. Seriously, what happens if Mariano winds up on the DL or something? Who's going to close? Sturtz? Good luck!
As bad as their pitching can be- and oh, boy does that bullpen suck- I'm worried about one thing. I can easily see Wright getting put in the Sturtze role (I'm guessing Sturtze doesn't even finish the year with the team), and doing semi-well. I mean, he's not much of a pitcher, and really never has been- but in one inning roles, where he can just let it fly- I could see the Yankees falling assbackwards into luck like that.

I still don't get what happened to Wang's shoulder last year. Wasn't he supposed to have surgery? And then he didn't? Doesn't that make him a HUGE injury concern?

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