Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boston Dirt Dick

I try not to mention Boston Dirt Dogs here anymore. It used to be fun to repeatedly rip into him and his shitty ways, but I finally decided to just ignore him. Besides, I've already got Mr. Dunbar to piss me off daily, I don't need any more stress in the baseball department. I know if I go to BDD, I'll just work myself up into a lather, with little chance of rinsing but much repeating.

However, he seems to be pretty hell-bent on making Red Sox fans cheer Johnny Damon when he comes "home" (Dirtdogs' words, well, actually he was quoting a song, but still, how is Boston Johnny Damon's home?) to Fenway next week.

If he's got an opinion about that, fine. I don't understand why he can't say "I think it would be good to cheer Damon." His site is part of Since when do newspapers blatantly tell people what to think and do? Don't answer that. But still, this guy has such a huge influence, and he knows it, and he's trying to tell Red Sox fans what to do. He's trying to make us feel stupid if we don't do what he says.

It's ineresting, he's got a quote from Lucchino up there. Larry was asked what he thought the fans should do, and his answers started with "I hope" and "I think." Even the CEO doesn't feel it necessary to tell his own team's fans what to do.

Then he's got a ridiculous paragraph of Damon's quotes from a USA Today article. Johnny is so scared to death of us. You'd think Dirtog, as long as he's telling people what to do, would tell Sox fans to not back down, but instead he calls for an ovation. Johnny talks about how there's enough hatred in the world and that it's "just a game." Boo freakin' hoo. You'd think if Johnny had learned one thing from playing in Boston it would be that it's not just a game. In fact, he better hope his boy George doesn't hear about his "just a game" quote.

And who else doesn't seem to realize that baseball in New England is more than just a game? Dirtdog, apparently. The guy's life's work appears to be a Red Sox-based website. If it was "just a game" he'd give back all the dough he's raking in from

So, today's message is "think for yourself." Remember the following when you make your decision about Damon, though: He's a member of the New York yankees by choice. He was thanked plenty the whole time he was here. It's not like the 2004 World Series was yesterday, and we never got a chance to show our gratitude. You want to thank a guy who hasn't been on the Fenway field since the '04 World Series? Pedro's coming to town in June.

And the only way we're going to take down the Dirt dogs site, I think, is if we flood with emails, telling them we don't want to be told what to do.

Johnny Damon is dead. So I hope when his remains step into the light of Fenway Park everyone will do the things that the sight of a disgusting Zombie compells them to do. (Influenced by Witch City's cat, I am hoping for great streams of projectile vomit.)
Yeah, I'm up for a Stand By Me-style Barf-o-rama when he comes up to bat.
Barf-o-Rama - great call, you guys! If only we could make this happen somehow.

I also like the "pin drop" response to Damon. Someone could even let a few tumbleweeds fly across the field.
I find BDD to be a complete waste of time as well. It used to be a cool site a long way back but when it turned into a site to just bash players and bitch about the Red Sox every day, I lost interest and I have not looked at that site in over a year. It's annoying that such a negative site like BDD is still such a high profile 'Red Sox' site but being part of, that's not going to go away.

As for Johnny, I don't think he should be booed but people don't have to clap for him if they don't want to either. He knew what he was in for when he decided to don the pinstripes so he should just shut up about it, suck it up and just play ball.
The worst part of that USA Today article were the quotes from that total jackass Scott Boras:

"So Johnny feels more like Boston just chose not to pursue him rather than him leaving Boston."

The idea that offering $40 million to a 33-year old CF with no throwing arm is the same as "choosing not to pursue him" is laughable.

I really wish that the crowd next Monday would choose to ignore Damon during his first AB. Either that, or just modest, polite extreme reactions in either direction. And from then on, I hope Fenway seranades him with a chorus of "Co-co's Bet-ter".

As for Lap Dog Silva, I anxiously await his campaign to get us to give Pedro a standing O in June. His site was always a joke, but it should have been shut down for good last year when, for Francona's return to Philly, he ran that picture of a white mob beating up a black man. Totally tasteless, and the best defense that could be made for Silva is that he's too stupid to realize how inappropriate it was.
PLEASE....there's one thing we have to remember about Johnnie....he left us and went not pass go, do not collect $200. Vilified is too nice a word. Monday'll get your day. Ya hear me, oh Johnnie??
I agree, Johnny Damon is dead to me much like Denise Richards is dead to Heather Locklear.

Some of Dirt Dogs' opinions are just flat out weird. Like his hatred of Tessie. I just don't think about Tessie at all, and honestly, that "Play ball" song annoys me a whole lot more than Tessie does.
Hey Jere, first Beth links to you, and now Deadspin just linked to your Mascots post. I know how much you love those guys... :)
Let's NOT forget which company owns The Boston Globe, which owns "Dirt Whores", & where that Ownership partner is actually based, like somewhere near Times Square, on an island called Manhattan.
Whatever happens on Monday when Johnny is announced should not be an issue, what you loyal citizens of RSN should be concerned with is that Johnny D doesn't go Wade Boggs on your ass and go 4/4 w/ some ribbies and runs thrown in. Mr. Boggs made his Pinstripe debut in Fenway a bang.
Thank you for stopping by, Yankbucket! Your grammar and sportsmanship make us all proud!
Wait, let's not forget, first it was DIRTDOGS with the indirect link, THEN Beth, then 'spin. In my mind, my inbox is stuffed with olive branches, but in reality, it's just random, and none of these people know who I am.

Here's my feeling on each:

BDD: Always dead to me.

Beth: It's cool.

Deadspin: Ehhh, well, they did piss me off by making a generalization about Sox fans, and icluding me in that. Lately, I've actually been going there, and while they do say some dumb things, and they do talk about plenty of stuff I have no interest in, and they talk about The Office as if they have no idea their was a far superior British version (which is like wearing a huge sign around your neck that says "I know nothing about comedy"), and they do seem to hate the yanks, well, they do make me laugh sometimes. I don't hate them.
All you need to know about DD is the man actively rooted for the Yankees to win when Pedro was pitching against them in a Mets uniform.

I've never had the irrational, Yankees are devil incarnate, players that go to the Yankees are traitors, etc. type mentality that exists for some people, but I've never and would never cheer for the Yankees to win unless of course their winning helped us win a playoff berth or division. Even then I'd find it hardpressed to "cheer" for them to win.

There is other stuff as to why I dislike DD, but anyone that has ever "crossed" him (in reality or in DD's mind) has the emails, PMs, and other crap to prove it.
I heard today that Johnny said in an interview that Boston fans shouldn't boo him because it shows disrespect for the Red Sox organization and for Coco Crisp. With spin like that, I think Johnny should replace Scott McLellan as the White House Press Secretary. George Bush could use a silver-tongued devil like that.

Did you also hear that he's reissued his book "Idiot" (and wasn't that a prophetic title?) Apparently, he's taking out all of the nasty things he said about A-Rod. I guess it really is true that money talks & bullshit walks...all the way to Yankee Stadium.
He was one of the 25. He could do most stuff short of killing my mother, and I'll clap for him at Fenway. To me, it's just that simple. And I hated the guy even when he played here.
But what I'm saying is he's done the on-the-field version of killing all our mothers, grandmothers, etc.

To me, the fact that he helped us win it all, knowing that he could've been loved in New England forever, and STILL went to the yanks makes it even worse. I think I'd be more inclined to give him a polite clap had we not won, like, "Oh, here's that guy we loved so much, too bad that didn't work out." Well, maybe not, actually.
Just once, ONCE, I'd like an athlete to cop to the fact that he decided to take the money and run. Seriously, it's something I could get behind, especially since all professional sports fans have had to deal with listening to the hindsight spin on these situations. But all of this pure unmitigated bullshit about how Johnny 'had' to go to the Yankees because they were calling him all the time & begging him just works my last queer nerve. Point 1: Maybe Johnny didn't get similar calls from his Red Sox teammates because they couldn't have cared less on a personal level if he came back. As a fan, I became sick of his shameless self-promotion very early in the 2005 season. How must his teammates have felt? Point 2: Saying crap like that just makes him look like Derek Jeter's bitch.

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