Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bob Knepper

Per the request line, me with a mohawk, playing bass in The Pac-Men, circa, I don't know, '01, while singer Brian inexplicably makes the international sign for "I can't take this anymore.":I honestly can't figure out where the above pic was taken. Can any ex-Men help?

And here's a very unique shot of me. You'll never see me with a tie on, unless there's a wedding or funeral to go to. Also, I'm in front of a long-since-functioning ferris wheel somewhere in Mass. Also, I only wore those round-ish style glasses for a little while:
That one's from about '02-ish.

And what random picture post would be complete without our friend Chan? Here's a pic I took of him at Wrigley Field in 1998:

Very cool...Hardcore Jere! Kinda feels like a movie flashback. And Windy City Chan is a nice bonus...
Okay, so I'm trying to figure out the title of this post. I think Bob Knepper might have had a mohawk at one point. Beyond that, I know that he was accused of making sexist remarks at one point when he was pitching for Houston, and I think there might have been a band named after him. Am I even on the right track?
Knope, you're knot.

(That was a clue.)

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