Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Birth Of A Nation

I got this here Red Sox nightlight as a gift. To Chan's dismay, I often put it up in the living room. But the outlet is made up of a switch above, and "holes" below. So the only way the thing fits is upside-down. I couldn't help but notice it looks like an ultrasound. Squint hard enough and maybe you'll see a Varitek fetus.

More on tonight's game later. Ish.

Is upside-down bad luck to come?? If it was like that yesterday before the game, we should be OK.
Trust me, Peter, when losing occurs, changes are made. I've noticed no serious issues with that thing being upside down in terms of the team's play.

Also note that me getting a Papelbon shirt didn't end up affecting Jon negatively, as is what happens 70-73 percent of the time to a player in the immediate days after a shirt purchase. It took a lot of mental ability, but I got Jon through it.

Funny, some people think I'm being sarcastic, I'm sure.
I have 2 pairs of red socks and I wear one of them during important games. If they lose while I'm wearing the red socks, I get all depressed because I feel like I've made my contribution and it got rejected by the universe. I've learned not to wear my B-SIDE t-shirt (from the bar in Cambridge, letters stylized in the Red Sox font) during mission critical games, also. Bad luck, for whatever reason.

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