Sunday, April 09, 2006

B R _ N X

Where's the O?

After I downplayed the yanks' 15-run performance in game one--and was ridiculed for it--they've scored a total of ten runs in the four games since, losing all of them.

Michael Kay predictably made the comparison to the '98 team, who also started 1-4. I have a feeling that will be the end of the similarities between the two teams. If they're going to go anywhere, they better win these games where Randy gives up only three runs. (Which, by the way, is being talked about like no pitcher in baseball history has ever given up only three runs and on seven hits in eight innings.)

Moving on to the sweet win today in Baltimore: I think Curt went back and read my blog from last year. Specifically, the parts where I repeatedly implored him to waste pitches on 0-2 and 1-2. I like the Curt we're seeing now.

PapelbON. Again. There was something so symbolic about him striking out Kevin Millar to end the game. It's like the stale 2005 season is officially behind us, and the new electric one has officially begun. Or that 2004 is back, however you want to look at it.

Great D by Manny so far again this year. I'm not being sarcastic, and I hate that I have to specify that after that statement.

And I may never do a post again on here without mentioning how awesome Alex Gonzalez and the new infield in general are. It makes such a difference when you know every ball hit anywhere near an infielder will be an automatic out.

Oh, and Timlin--no need for camo during the game. I don't think any wild boars in the crowd are going to notice you either way.

Also, I love how all the Sox fans down in Baltimore knew to give Wily Mo a mock cheer when he actually took a pitch. When talking to Reb before the game, knowing WM was starting, I wondered aloud how many rallies he'd end with strikeouts. The good news was he only ended two that way (four total runners LOB). The bad news was that he only had two shots at it. Keep preaching patience, whoever's supposed to be teaching this guy how to hit.

It's early of course (how long do you have to preface that way...till late May maybe?), but this pitching, catching, throwing stuff has been pretty nice.

I love Manny. I loved the catch by Manny and the glove slap he had with Schilling. I don't think he's gotten an extra-base hit yet, though. Wouldn't mind seeing one of those soon.

And Dunbar is vanquished once more. What a glorious last three games it's been. I'm healthily optimistic at this point. I'm highly aware of how Dunbar teams have turned around such starts before and how Sox teams have squandered leads late, but come on, this beginning is great!
I'm jealous of you, Devine, that you got to see the glove-slap. NESN departed for a commercial by then. However, the beatific look that came over Shilling's face when Manny made that spectacular and important catch was far more luminous than when he's thanking Jesus. (And Jesus understood, totally.)
Jere's Mom
Wily Mo did look clueless while he flailied. But all in all, a great day to be at the ballpark, or in front of a correctly tuned to the right station TV.
Mom--I had NESN, too, and they did show it. They cut it off right before, but then showed the replay when they came back from commercial.
And Peter--that was Yoda-esque!
I'm looking forward to watching Wake today, even though it is so nice out. If it was warmer, it would be tougher to stay inside and watch, but it's still in the 40s, so Go Wake. Take care jere
Hilarious comment by one of the announcers when Ortiz hit his single today: teams will put the shift on guys like Ortiz, because they'll take a single over a homerun. Is Papi hitting inside-the-park homeruns lately?

If that were the other team and Michael Kay speaking, I'd be incredulous.
Wily Mo's at bat was hilarious. Besides being stupified by the sheer audacity of wiffing so badly on three straight pitches it made me rack my brain for the last time I saw someone miss 3 in a row for the strikeout. Nothing came to mind. Anyone?
Yeah, Wily Mo--the next time up in the same game! (Except he let one pitch go. But still had three swings-and-misses.)

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