Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4.25.06 Sisters

Tonight, my mom was in town, and she took me to the 5:40 showing of Sisters In Law at the Film Forum. What an incredible movie. It takes place in Cameroon, where my mom served in the Peace Corps back in an era "boomers" like to call "the sixties." To sum it up, it's a documentary about two women, one a state prosecutor, the other a court president, who don't take any shit from accused convicts. The film covers two spousal abuse cases and one child abuse case. The guilty parties use excuses like "She's my wife, she's not allowed to leave the house without my permission," and "I only beat her when I was angry," to which these two women say, "terrible job, that ain't gonna fly." It basically shows how the Cameroonian culture treats all people as equals. Maybe someday our culture will get there. If you're a fan of justice, go all the way to New York to see this movie. It's very sad at times, but you'll feel good coming out.

But don't go reading any other reviews, because, terribly, they all seem to mention Judge Judy.

So mom and I went back to the Chan/me pad, and flipped on the Sox game on "Sports Time Ohio." I missed the crazy Manny double play. But I got to see the Ortiz blast, and the Manny one after Papi was intentionally walked. We had that game all the way...

133 pitches for Schilling? J. Christ, man. Then again, it could have been 103, since Sports Time Ohio seemed to make mistake after mistake, much like Ridgefield High School's Tiger TV. In the bottom of the eighth, they put up the "Top 9" graphic. Then when the Tribe made it 8-6, they called it 8-7, making my mom and I really nervous, wondering how we'd missed a run. Still nothing across against Papelbon. Speaking of him, did you see when Vernon Wells struck out against him over the weekend? The first time, Wells literally screamed "God damn it!" and got all pissed, as if to imply, "I could've easily hit this kid, it was my fault." Then, in the next game, he struck out against Pap again, and quietly walked away, implying "This kid really is good. My mistake." Good sign, I thought.

[Edit: I totally neglected to mention that the above film is a documentary at first. I fixed that.]

Another move away from FSN.
did you know linked to your site?
Yeah, and let's just say a LOT of people must visit there. Per minute. I'm glad Wilbur linked me. The pic he has up is Empy's, though, and people should go to for more good stuff.

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