Thursday, March 02, 2006

yankees Lose

It's been almost five months since I heard those words. How sweet they are, even after an exhibition game.

The comical line of the day:

Mike Myers
IP: 1, H: 4, ER: 3. Blown Save. Loss.

A bright start.

Tonight it's Diminutive Papi starting for the Sox. Yes, in an actual baseball game! I'll be watching the yanks' replay on HN, to see my first baseball of 2006.

Hey, also, if an audio post appears at some point on my blog, the corresponding line will be: "Name the movie and the character." I'm trying to do an audio quiz, but apparently it's lost in the ether. It could pop up at any time. Thank you.

Forgot to mention Johnny D. hit a double and a single today Jere. Hope the Sox win tonight for your sake.
I assure you, I didn't forget.
Co-Co's Bett-er! *clap clap, clap-clap-clap*
Amen, Devine.
HN or "Hell NO";
Yankees Highlights stop after 2003.
Glad you pay such close attention, Michael.

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