Thursday, March 30, 2006

Word 'Em Up

Words can and will describe how much I hate it when people use the phrase "Words can't describe..."

I hate it more than when I have to wait a while on line when I'm only buying a Twix, but not as much as when I have to walk through a river of dog pee. How simple was that?

Why can't people think of words to use?

What's worse, though, is that those people usually do follow up the line with an attempt at a description anyway:

"How does it feel to win this backgammon tournament in front of your hometown fans, coach?"

"Words can't describe it. It's just amazing."

Words can't describe... LSD.
It's meta lingual Jere.
The thing that drives me nuts is when someone says "I could care less". No, what you meant to say is that you COULDN'T care less.
Mom here.
Andy Borowitz responded, when asked how it felt to be sitting in an audience hearing a fellow nominee's name called out for an award (in his case, Jon Stewart's): "It fucking blows."
So much more effective than, "Words can't describe..."

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