Sunday, March 12, 2006

What's Up, Glitches?

Watched about two minutes of the Sox on today. I saw Adam Stern make a great diving catch. Unfortunately, while this was happening, they were showing Jon Papelbon's press conference live, so the announcers couldn't comment on the catch. I don't know about you, but I don't need to see the press conference live, escpecially if it means putting the game in a little tiny square (within the one-inch square I'm already watching the game in) and not allowing the announcers to do their job. Fortunately they don't do this during the regular season.

Then, a minute later, made my browser crash. Between that and all the buffering and the fact that it's a full minute behind, meaning I can't talk to friends and family during the game, I will be completely tortured again this season. I looked into pricing of the cable package, but that info is not available yet.

Chan vs. Me in Wiffle Ball was rained out today.

I don't think you missed anything - all Remy and Don Orsillo talked about today was about how with the loss to the Twins, the Sox lost the Mayor's Cup - and how the Twins were set to spring from the dugout and celebrate with champagne.

PS I love reading about wiffle ball games, but you need to include more info about the trick pitches being thrown. Also, I remember being on Stephanie Sharlow's team - I think it was with pitching machines the year before live pitching kicked in - in Little League but I'm not sure I know who you are.
Yeah, on Zemo's. ("Minors," which was before "AAA" in Ridgefield Little League.) With the backward Z on the hat by mistake. I can't seem to think of the other people on that squad right now.

I have a unique first name. If you don't recognize it, we probably didn't know each other very well.

Hope you saved those jellyfish.
I'm pretty sure I was on King Neptune, but I can double check in a few weeks. Maybe she repeated Minors? I doubt I would have forgotten if there was another Red Sox fan on the team. I didn't think there were any others in Ridgefield. The only things I remember about minors is some kid named Adam hit an absolute moonshot home run and that was the only time I tried to play catcher. Even with the pitching machine, I think I set league records for passed balls. I was no Doug Mirabelli back there.

The Jellyfish are an art installation. They anger me because someone is trying to pass them off as real jellyfish. And they're not free yet. They've been there all winter and are now covered in all sorts of channel trash and the photovoltaic cells inside don't even glow at night anymore. It's kind of sad.
She could have repeated minors, because I definitely wasn't on King Neptune. I want to say that kid was Adam Walsh. There was also Adam Cousins but I don't think he had much power. Power...Jon Powers was on my team, I think. And Keith Peitler. And Keith Rich, or Rich Keith (both actual kids). I could be thinking of my AAA team, though, which was Squash's. (Non-Ridgefielders: Squash's is the nickname of Ridgefield News Store.)

Did you go to HS in Ridgefield? I graduated in '93. You may be a year below me or something. The only other Sox fans in Ridgefield: Pat, who comments here and goes to games with me, and, on occasion, Chris Schmidt. But I never knew any others.

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