Thursday, March 02, 2006

Watching Baseball On A Winter's Night

Tony Pena is the yanks' first base coach. I can't believe that. I'm very disappointed in Tony.

They just showed how Posada's average drops about 10 points every year and mentioned that he's not getting any younger. That makes me smile.

I've been avoiding my old friend Michael "Backwards" Kay's radio show for most of the offseason. To hear him on TV now is just nauseating. He's already in mid-season form. Good for a player, but not for an announcer, as the last thing you want to hear during a game on March 2nd is a guy screaming his head off because Bernie Williams scored on a single.

Jeter just looked old, tired, and weak on a strikeout. A sign of things to come, we hope.

So many shots of Damon in pinstripes. I'm switching over to Superman. I'll tune in later for that Myers inning.

6-3 loss to the Phillies with key runs given up by Myers. Welcome to the Sox's 2005 late season, Dunbar. Nice.
Good point about Kay. I switched on the feed very briefly and suddenly found myself wondering if I hadn't slept through the whole season and woken up in the middle of a Yankees / Phillies World Series. Chill out, Michael...
Ha ha. So mepeople are so so fulll of themelves that they should be required to get a soul enema.

Kay has no soul, though....
Red Sox lose, how sweet it sounds.
Oh yeah, I ate three of my own farts last night while watching Yankeeography--only true Dunbar fans can eat 'em with pinstriped class and tradition. Damon roolz!! Nomar sux!!!
It does sound sweet, since I like to get the losses out of the way in ST. Whereas the yankees losing is fun year-round. And quit eating your own farts, by the way!
Maybe Jeter needs a shot from GiamBALCO's Magic Elixer.
Anonymous is ILLITERATE.

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