Thursday, March 16, 2006

Updates And A Warning

The Red Sox actually won today. That is, the real Red Sox won. Most of the starters beat the twins, while another bunch of Red Sox lost to the Devil Rays.

Warning: When you get the 2006 RSN card--the super-duper I'm-way-more-of-a-fan-than-you 60 dollar package--they give you a month of I'd just like to warn you that when you order, your month starts immediately. So, waiting until April 3rd might be your move if you're in need of the (I already have that "worked out" so it didn't really affect me. But they should tell you that. Maybe I just didn't read the fine print.) However, part of that package is that you get to buy 2 tickets to a game from a pre-selected list. They say that they send you an e-mail within 24 hours of ordering with your chance to buy. So, that's the benefit of not waiting until April--better seats.

The Red Sox Nation Card: Pissing off Steve Silva since 2005. Get yours today!

Knowing how much is pisses off Steve Silva is definitely a plus to me. The Red Sox should use your line as their selling point.
When Silva called for people in Boston, to root for DFYankees vs Pedro, I knew then he had more than a few screws loose. Might he been doing lines with Doc Gooden, when he wrote that?

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