Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ticket News

More Bronson talk to come, but here's a quick update. If you sprung for the 60 bucks to get the "Ultimate Fan Pack," you can go now to the special ticket window that you should've gotten an email about. Kind of a sneaky move by them here, since at first they had claimed it would open yesterday at noon. That didn't happen. Then, up until at least noon today, there was just a message that said this magical ticket window would open "later this week." I checked it for the hell of it around 3:00, and it was open. So, go there quick. Don't miss your chance to see Bronson Arroyo and the 2006 Boston Red Sox! Oh, wait.

Cora, Loretta, Manny, and Ortiz have gone deep today.

There are literally three different ads on the main page of redsox.com (and all the other mlb sites) right now to "get the WBC on DVD!" That didn't take very long.

So is it Johnny Lester now the one to give up so many runs. I'm thinking Wells pitched 3 innings, but I don't know that for a fact.
Wells gave up 4 ER in 4 IP, Lester gave up 5 ER in 2 IP.

Wily Mo was 1-1, single and a WALK! Plate discipline!
So Wells should have stepped out after 3, I guess. Thanks. It's tough to tell with these early boxscores and no breakdowns.
Wells should just step out period.

See what I did there?
Thanks for the tip, Jere. I ordered (yet another) game.
No problem, Empy.

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