Wednesday, March 29, 2006

That's What Speedy Means To Me

Joe Girardi was a backup catcher for Mr. Dunbar, before continuing to kiss Steinbrenner's butt as an announcer. Now he's a big league manager, and apparently George's rules regarding hair have rubbed off on him.

"You have a responsibility of what you look like," he said.

So ridiculous. He's taken it one step further and doesn't even allow his Marlin players to have moustaches.

Some people are so dumb that they can't tell the difference between actual respect and symbols of respect. Think about it, it's the person in the three-piece suit who's going to screw you over, not the person who lets hair grow naturally on their body. Shouldn't we be teaching our kids to see past what's on the surface? What the shit?

It's like the time I wore a hat indoors at my ex's grandma's house, while her cousin brought a porno mag. Who do you think everyone was pissed at? If someone doesn't appreciate the respect I'm treating them with because it didn't come in a shiny, clean package, they can shove it up their phony ass. I'd love it if the Marlins were in first place at the All-Star break, and then they all showed up for the second half with three days of sloppy growth.

What a joke. I'm sure Girardi's mustache-free policy will make that team great this year. After the semi-annual Marlins firesale this offseason, they'll be lucky to win 25 games this--probably less with a clown like that at the helm. Did he hibernate thorugh 2004, or what
People that know me know not to bring this up in my presence, because the sheer lunacy and illogic of it just sets me right of.

Exaggerating a bit, of course, but this is, among many, many stupid things- the stupidest thing in sports. Bar fucking none.

I would also point out that Joe Girardi was given a managerial position nearly sight unseen after ONE YEAR as a bench coach for the NYY, while guys infinitely more qualified, who've put in countless more hours like Tommy Harper, DeMarlo Hale (new Sox 3B coach!), Ron Washington, Dave Stewart, etc can't even get interviews. The Torre connection is just further proof that just because someone's a GM doesn't mean you have to consider them worthy of running a team.

PS- Pretty sure Josh Beckett had a goatee during Game 6 of the 03 World Series. FWIW, Joe.

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