Saturday, March 11, 2006

Technical Stuff

Mr. Dunbar has released a few more individual game tickets. New York Sox fans, go to now, and you can get up to four tickets to Red Sox-yankees games on May 10th and June 5th. All the other ones are still singles only.

And today at three, call 877-REDSOX9, for the "limited amount" of roof deck tickets. But that's a sucker's bet. I'm going to play some Wiffle Ball with Chan.

Nice job by Schill today, until the fourth, when he suddenly gave up four runs after a hitless first three.

Hey, thanks! I just bought a ticket each for a couple games (beginning of May, last game vs. them in September), and two for the one you mentioned in June. Fantastic! This May will be the first time I enter Dunbar Stadium with a Sox cap on when they're actually playing the Sox. Horror stories or merely all-in-good-fun ribbing to come?
If you go to the Right Field Bleachers, like sections 39 & 41, you may be seranaded by the Bleacher Creatures, singing their own version of "YMCA."
They were the ones, who led the cascading chant of "Fag-got", in reference to Mike Piazza, in 2002.
That's why Dunbah Stadium is the Real Life "Bronx Zoo."
They are an interesting little bunch out there in the bleachers, aren't they? Actually, I thought one experience out there was really fun. The whole place was doing the wave, and someone in our section screamed out, "The wave stops here!" And it did. Except for three realtively older gentlemen (proper term?) scattered over my section of the bleachers. Every time the wave came around, they alone stood up, raised their middle finger(s) for a few seconds, then sat back down.

But I have seen it get a little more hairy out there as well. In my experience, bleacher fans at the toilet tend to be the most drunk and the most into the team. None of my seats at the toilet this year are in the bleachers...but I will get to hear them screech "Box seats suck!" at me for one game.
Devine--that's good you didn't get right field bleacher seats. I go to the Stadium all the time, always decked out in Red Sox gear, but I stay away from the right field bleachers. The left field bleachers are fine, but you can't go around the rest of the stadium, and you're like 500 feet away from home plate.

But my advice for entering Dunbar Stadium: Always take the comments in stride, making your own right back at them with a smile on your face. If you let them get to you, well, let's just say I've seen Red Sox fans just leave in mid-game. But that's rare. There are so many Sox fans there, you'll feel comfortable enough to just cheer for the Sox as if you were at Fenway, high-fiving strangers, etc.

Most Dunbar fans will respect you for showing your Red Sox pride, but will still poke fun at you. There's one drunk in every section who even other Dunbar fans are embarrassed by. Ignore them as best you can, but for the normal ones, just give it right back to them and you might even make a friend with the enemy for a day.

I often go with Dunbar fans anyway, so they'll have my back. I decided to get tickets for May 10th when I told my Dunbar friend at work about the tix being available. She was psyched to go, so I decided to get them, even though I'd kind of decided I was staying away from the Bronx this year. But it seems like every year, I go, and it's always worth it. I always seem to get a classic game: The Trot homer off Clemens in that 2-0 win, the Mariano "catch the ball" game in September '04 (probably the most fun I've ever had at a game, and I was at D-Lowe's no-hitter), Wake beating Clemens when he was going for win 300, Mo Vaughn's HR off the foul pole on opening day, and in negative classics, the Mell Hall game, and the Clemens blowing the 9-0 lead game.

Anyway, so there was this other Dunbar fan there at work the other day, and he didn't know about these extra seats, and was also psyched, so I got one for him, even though I don't know him too well, and I got a fourth for Chan. Section 15, way up top. 19 bucks each. So I'm going with three Dunbar fans.
Thanks for the advice, Jere. I will make sure to use it!

I'm actually pretty late to the party on the Red Sox bandwagon (late 2003--I know I didn't earn my stripes like some did, but I KNEW they were my team from October of that year allegiance shall never waver), so I haven't even been to Fenway. But I'm going there three times this year. My girlfriend (not-intense Dunbar fan) got us seats at Fenway eleven rows from the field along the first-base line for my birthday in June. And I got two for myself in late September, so I'll be seeing six Sox games this year, three against the Yankees (though I wish at least one were at Fenway).

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