Thursday, March 16, 2006


I'm in an NCAA pool that's done through yahoo. (Invited by Reb.) This is my first time doing the pool virtual-style. It's kind of fun how they track everything for you and keep score. The updating is quite slow, though. I just now thought that we should have done a "Red Sox blogger" NCAA pool through one of these on-line things. Oh well. Next year, everybody's in.

Check out this video made by Adam Wade, who's the dude from ESPN Classic Now.

Finally, in me making mistakes news: I realized that getting the 60 dollar RSN card doesn't get you two tickets to a game, it gets you a chance to buy two tickets. So, not quite the value I claimed it to be earlier. But still, you can't get tickets together for any game at Fenway at this point, and I'm always down with buying more games...

Beckett was on today. A run in five innings. Good sign.

In our tourney right now - my cats are in first place.
Hahaha! That's hilarious! Me and Chan are sittin' here watching the games, talking about "this guy" (your cats) who's 12-0. "Oh man if Syracuse goes down, he's screwed." "He's good, he's won every game!"

And it turns out our "new rival" isn't even human.

This is hilarious.

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