Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Peter Tomarken 1942-2006

Jere, I'm sorry to say I do not know this man. Could you illuminate?
He was, among other things, the host of of the 1980s gameshow Press Your Luck.
I had no idea Peter Tomarken died!!!

How sad...I spent many a morning watching him.

Rest in Peace.

No whammies.
Yeah, lots of sick days spent watching all those game shows. And afternoons, when USA was showing a bunch of them.

Peter, you had to be a child of the eighties to know this guy. Press Your Luck brought us phrases like, well, I guess it's all one phrase: "Big bucks, big bucks, no Whammys....stop!"

And the comedy stylings of Tomarken. And his reading of fans' poems at the end of each show.

Press Your Luck had an absolutely grand theme which stuck in your head all day.

You may know him from those Ameritrade commercials with the kid with the weird orange hair (from Pete and Pete, which, Pete, is another show you probably don't know).
I never watched the show, and had never heard of him, but I understand that he and his wife died in a plane crash...truly awful, terribly sad. RIP
And doing volunteer work, too. Sad.
ajm wrote: "I never watched the show, and had never heard of him"

How can anyone not have heard Peter Tomarken or Press Your Luck?! The show is considered the most popular cancelled game show of all time!!! After the show was cancelled, reruns were shown on the USA network for eight years after the show was cancelled! The show has a cult following today! The show is even well known for the biggest game show scandal where contestant Michael Larson memorized the board pattern to win over $100,000 in one day!!! For theose who say they've never heard of Peter Tomarken or Press Your Luck, if they were to actually SEE THE SHOW then they would know why it's considered the most popular cancelled game show ever and why it has a cult following!!! It ranks up with the popularity of "The Price is Right", "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Furtune"! There's a reason the saying "Big Bucks, No Whammies!" become a popular saying! Many Press Your Luck videos are shown on Youtube!!!

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