Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Steppin' Through My Shadow

I just saw on the New York news (and of course I flipped around and saw it on each network) that the book Game of Shadows not only tells the whole story of Barry Bonds' steroid use, but tells more about Sheffield and Giambi's as well. Something about receipts for shipments to Giambi's house and his parents' house. And about how Sheffield didn't just "unknowingly" use the cream and the clear. [Update: Here's an article.]

All stuff we've known for a while. But maybe they will finally be punished for it.

I noticed an article a little while ago, when the excerpt from the book came out, in which Joe Torre was asked about Bonds. Instead of saying,"Hey, two of my guys did the same thing," he gave some righteous remarks about how it's bad for the face of baseball. Tonight, he was interviwed in the dugout, and he said "I haven't read the book," and "You shouldn't believe everything you read." He didn't look very comfortable answering the questions.

So I will hope Sheffield and Giambi finally start getting talked about when people talk about Bonds. BSM wrote a magnificent piece about that when the excerpt came out, which I meant to link to at the time. It pretty much sums up my feelings about the Bonds thing. I know BSM's also a proponent of the "Hello, Shef and Giambi did it, too, people, wake up..." So I look forward to hearing his thoughts on this newer info.

Speaking of BSM, ARSFIPT is proud to be the first Red Sox blog to wish The Broseph a happy birthday. Ha ha!

Shit- I didn't even do it myself. Whoops!

Yea, I'm going to touch on some of the Giambi/ Sheffield stuff myself. I still find it interesting that when news comes out about them BOTH, Giambi ends up on the backpages. I don't know what to make of that- but Sheffield was blessed to be on the same team as another BALCO-er. I think he'll end up being forgotten in all of this somehow, which boggles my mind.

Thanks for the link, Jere!
Sure. Your mom mentioned it on your blog, so I swooped in to get the distinction of "first to wish, etc."
I was watching a repeat "South Park" episode, where some kid sought to set Special Olympics Records:
In a bit of conscience, he admitted to using Steroids;
His attitude was a change of personality ala Jekyll & Hyde;
On The Winners Stand with him, were Mark Mc Guire, Barry Bonds & a Very Bug Eyed Jason Giambi;
I wonder if GiamBALCO plans to sue the Creators of "South Park"? Ditto, Bonds?

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