Thursday, March 16, 2006

Smarch Smadness

No matter how little I pay attention to NCAA basketball during the season, I always have fun watching these first round games. I love it when some team from a crappy conference challenges one of the top teams. All of a sudden yo've got Ollie out there runnin' the picket fence against Duke with a shot to win at the buzzer. Good stuff.

The gambling factor makes it even more fun. It's like, Wednesday: work, watch Superman II on HBO, go to bed. Thursday: work, go absolutely nuts screaming your head off rooting for South-southeastern Wyoming State, a team you didn't even know existed the day before, knowing that the fate of your three dollars lies partially in their hands. And then blaming them as if you have any right to: "Come on, SSEWSU, I know you can find better looks than that. Get your head in the game!" Oh, and then go to bed.


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