Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Secret Kids

Apparently, Randy Johnson has a "secret daughter."

"[The girl's mom] said Johnson only saw the girl once, soon after her birth - and said he never made any effort to be involved in her life. 'Nope, nothing, never,' she told the Web site when asked about Johnson's relationship to the girl."

Isn't it funny how newspapers will find an old picture of a subject making a face that would correspond to the current situation?

Why anyone would intentionally go to the boudoir with that lanky weirdo is beyond my comprehension.
It is the Daily News, Jere. It's something that is to be expected from that rag. And thank you for pointing out my typo!
I read the story on The Smoking Gun. The best part about the story is that Johnson is asking for his child support money back. If I read right, it's because the woman didn't provide receipts to prove that the money was being spent on day care (she said that she did). Randy's making, what, $16 million a year, and he wants a refund on child support? What the FUCK is wrong with this guy? Isn't he supposed to be a born again Christian
You think that I don't feel love
What I feel for you is real love
In other's eyes I see reflected
A hurt, scorned, rejected

Love child
Never meant to be
Love Child
Born in poverty
Love Child
Never meant to be
Love Child
Take a look at me
Sorry, this post just really made me want to break out into song.
Wild child, full of grace.
Savior of the human race.
Your cruel face.

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