Sunday, March 19, 2006

Quiz Xi-lophone

The answer to the last quiz was Brooklyn. As in "Easy Andy took Travis to Brooklyn to sell him guns." JS gets the point for being closest to what I was looking for.

Next quiz: Who played for a team that lost a World Series to the Red Sox and also managed against that team in a different World Series?

Casey Stengel. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers in their WS loss to the Red Sox in 1916, and managed against the Dodgers in 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955 and 1956 for the Yankees.

Ah trivia. Speaking of which, my favorite watering hole in Manhattan, Professor Thom's, has "Trivia Night" every Monday night at 9 PM. It's a lot of fun. PT's is at 2nd Avenue and 13th Street in the Village. Trivia is on all diverse topics, so come and check it out.
That's correct.

(And that bar is a Red Sox bar.)

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