Monday, March 13, 2006

Quiz Nu Hampshire

There was some confusion withthe quizzes. Quiz Mu disappeared. Or something. So I'm moving on. I have to put some easy ones in here to get to the end of the Greek alphabet before April 3rd.

In Taxi Driver, where does Easy Andy take Travis to sell him guns? Be as specific as possible.

To the best of my recollection, he takes him to a low-rent apartment with stark white walls overlooking a cementy urban playground.

You can hear the kids hollering as he displays his pistollery on the bedspread.

"Isn't that a little honey?"
Funny. The audio quiz I tried to do that didin't work was that phrase. And the question would have been Who said this and it what movie? So, the fact that you knew that gives you some credit. But I'm actually looking for more about the location. I can't tell if you were too specific or not specific enough. But, tell me more.
Sorry, that's all I remember.
Geographic location is what I'm looking for.

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