Friday, March 17, 2006

Pokey's Name Goes AWOL

From (scroll down):

"The Marlins continue to consider adding a veteran second baseman to replace Pokey Wilson, who went AWOL for undisclosed reasons earlier in camp and had his contract voided."

I could see "Pokey Reed," or "Petey Reese," but that's not even close. In other news, Red Sox legend Jeremiah Yastrzemski will be appearing at...

The quote of the month, and possibly the year: Last night, I was talking to Rebecca and it hit me that yankee Stadium is so close to being demolished.

"Can you believe they're going to tear it down? They're gonna just kick the crap out of the Stadium with a wrecking ball til it falls down."

"I know," she replied. Then she paused. Then, saying this as if she was thinking of each word as she said it, she came out with, "We should go to that..."

(Dunbar fans, before you get all pissy about this, remember that the place was actually demolished in 1974.)

Yes. Go! And capture that first swing of the giant wrecking ball on video for all of us to see.
Jere, you captured your conversation with Reb sooo perfectly, because she does speak carefully and with intention behind every word, almost as if she IS thinking of each word millseconds before she says them. So when I read what she did say, slowly and deliberately, I could hear her voice saying it. And it was such a perfect comment. I must be nuts overthinking this, or something worse, but thanks for that piece of "Jere writing." And thank you Rebecca, for another insight into your wonderful brain and thought process. More....
gagknee--I may do that, but my real plan is to somehow get onto the site of the new park one night and pee on the spot where the mound will be. Or maybe bury some Red Sox charm a few feet down somewhere where the field of play will be. Or at least pee on the spot where the current monument park is. Whatever it is, it will involve peeing.

Peter--glad you liked it. She did all the work, I just described it as best I could.
I might be in trouble.......not any physical thing, but....
Yeah? But What?
Email to follow........that's what.
Well hurry up with it, man. Don't be like that dude that did a blog and then moved to Virginia and then said he ruined his life and never blogged again.

By the way, if that dude is reading, he can email me as well.
Not to worry. My blog and I will be aroud until the Yankees sink for consecutive decades
When DFYankee Stadium went through its' demolition-renovation, it was to say goodbye to a decayed dump with little charm.
The renewal of "The Rivalry" in NYC, did NOT begin in DFBronx;
it began in a stadium in Flushing Meadow Park, called Shea Stadium, where Red Sox & Mets Fans, joined Forces against The Evil Empire, starting in 1974.
I was at a Red Sox-Yankees Doubleheader in 1971 & crowds in DFBronx, were miniscule at best.
Yankee entertainment oft-consisted of stacking up beer cups from lowest part of Tier, to the highest point in Tier, which, then, was considerably-smaller, until the cups toppled over.
BTW, as I can remember, DFYankees lost both ends of the Doubleheader.
Whenever it's talked about the longest-running MLB parks in service today, for some strange reason, Yankee Stadium is mentioned as #3 in terms of service.
That Fact is innaccurate, as YS was under a full-bird renovation in 1974 & 1975, hence now making Fenway Park(1912), Wrigley Field(1915), Dodger Stadium(1962), & Shea Stadium(1964), as the most-active parks, in terms of consecutive years of service. So, whenever the brain surgeons on "FOX Saturday Baseball" or ESPN, trot out Yankee Stadium in point of service, they conveniently forget about this demolition-renovation.
This rendition, called Yankee Stadium II, is only in its' 31st season, whereas Shea Stadium, is in its' 43rd season, Dodger Stadium will be in its' 45th Season, Wrigley Field in its' 93rd season & Fenway Park, in its'95th season of consecutive & continuous use a a Major League Baseball Facility.

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