Monday, March 13, 2006

Pirated Material

From "Starter Jaret Wright had an afternoon to forget for New York. The right-hander was tagged for eight runs on 11 hits and a walk in three innings. He allowed at least two runs and three hits during each of the first three frames."

Also from Duffy responds to Schilling.

What happened was that Schilling hit Chris Duffy in the helmet with a fastball and later said that the kid should have gotten out of the way. I can't support Schilling on this one. What a boneheaded statement. In my mind, he now owes the kid two apologies. Terrible job, Curt.

I heard Ortiz hit one out of the stadium today. Sweet. Come home soon, David.

I never seen anyone so fascinated by the Yankees, and not even be a Yankee fan. Why don't you post the same one-liners when Papelbon, Beckett, or Schilling struggle in a fucken SPRING TRAINING game? You are so annoying….even with your stupid comment about Jeter and ARod in the WBC yesterday. You have got to be the biggest DICK on the planet. I've seen less stupidity come from Al Qaeda and Iran's President. I was just reading your posts from last year too, and I can't help but laugh at your predictions of the Yanks finishing in fourth place. You are such a joke, a tool, a idiot….too bad your mother didn't have a effen abortion….she would have spared us from having another malcontent Sawx fan on this planet. It's spring training and you are cuming all over yourself for no apparent reason, but then when the Sawx pitchers get hammered you remain quiet.
Ortiz also squared to bunt on a 3-0 count with the bases loaded. Cuba was using that full-infield shift on him and he threatened to put one down the third base line. They ended up walking him and walking in a run, but I would have loved to see Papi leg out a bunt.
'anonymous' certainly seems fascinated (one might say "obsessed") with this blog given that he's not a Sox fan.

I agree with your comment about Schilling, Jere...what he said was really dumb. Maybe throwing at batters' heads is his way of trying to convince Clemens to return to Boston (which I don't want to see, frankly).
Anonymous Dunbar fans English Class 101:

Class, I guess another thing we're having trouble with here is the -ing suffix. When people say a word like "fuckin'" they are using an abbreviated form of "fucking." To abbreviate it, we simply replace the g with an apostrophe.

It's almost like you're thinking this is a separate word entirely. It's not "fucken." It's an abbreviated form of "fucking."

I'm happy with your progress concerning "your"/"you're."

Tomorrow's lesson: When to use "an" as opposed to "a."

Now head over to Cowardice 101, where you'll learn not to talk about other people's family members at all, let alone in an anonymous fashion.

To sum up, I know it's tough when your team hasn't won in a while, so I know what it's like to be so angry. As I've said before, though, I definitely can't relate to blowing a 3-0 series lead with the biggest payroll in the league, because no team but yours has ever done that in baseball history. So good luck coping with that for the rest of your life.
As I've said before, though, I definitely can't relate to blowing a 3-0 series lead with the biggest payroll in the league, because no team but yours has ever done that in baseball history.

Hey, Jere, Mom here.
I take back my unsolicited email advice to you to ignore the anonymous (i.e. cowardly) Yankee fan since he/she's obviously a psychopath. That's because I've just noticed that he/she alluded to me. So speaking of wished-for abortions, perhaps his/her own mother tried to abort him/her, failed, but the coat hanger skewered his/her head.
Isn't that how all yankee fans become yankee fans?:)

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