Friday, March 24, 2006

Pavilion Box

You can now get pavilion box seats to almost every game, 90 bucks a pop, over at Singles only, though. You can just order one, then "add another game," and get another one, though. Since they just went on sale, you can get two close together, and on the home plate side of the boxes. Many of these that come up right away are Row A, too.

I think I'm out for these. These aren't the EMC club or the pavilion club, but the boxes along the sides. I got some 25 dollar pavilion standing room a while ago, which are right behind these. No point in paying the extra 65, unless you have a problem with standing.

Morrison and the Zags just lost in heartbreaking fashion. Should've won. Hopefully he comes back next year and gives it another shot.

Colbert was really fun tonight. I recommend going to a taping. They didn't show the audience, but I did get recognized by the warm-up comic. First, he joked about how a certain section of the audience just didn't have enough energy. He started narrowing it down, and drew the good/bad line right next to me. He said I was "obviously a goof, got a Bad News Bears jersey on..." and said everyone to the right of me was a little too tight. To be called a goof is the highest compliment to me. This was the second time in my life I've been called this on a first impression. The other time was by Brian, who, along with his girlfriend Jessica, and Chan were at the taping with me. I remember asking him after we'd become friends what he'd thought of me when he firts saw me. He said, "I thought you were a goof, with your South Park shirt on." (I got mine in 1997, before you had one.)

Anyway, the comic wasn't done with me. He came back over and said "I can't stop looking at your Bad News Bears jersey, and you got the oldest-looking Red Sox hat on...when's that from, Carl Yastrzemski's rookie year?" He asked if there were any other Sox fans, and several pockets of people throughout the crowd went nuts.

Also saw a guy today in a Sox hat carrying his little boy. He had the kid in a Red Sox jacket. Last week I saw two different women in Sox hats, pushing strollers. I like this new Red Sox demographic. Raisin' 'em up right in enemy territory. Nice.

Don't you love it when somebody notices how old your Red Sox hat is? I do.
I wonder if he knows when Yaz' rookie year was. Should have put him on the spot and asked him!
Always great when I see youngsters here in New York City wearing Red Sox paraphernalia. Warms my heart too to see the next generation of Red Sox Nation growing up behind enemy lines!
Ahhh, The Demographics are a changin', when we can strut our stuff all over the 5 Boroughs, arguing with Yankees Fans & NY Fan Blohoes;
Great City We Live In!

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