Friday, March 10, 2006

Old Folks

Part of my job is to call a list of lonely old people to check in with them and make sure they're doing well. After I call them, I make a little note about how the call went. Other people call them as well, so I have a sheet on each person with the comments of everyone who's called them. Today, before calling a man who I'll call Mr. Yastrzemski, I was checking the past comments about him, to get a feel for the guy, since I'd never called him before. I saw the usual remarks: "OK," "Doing well," "appreciates the call," "left message," "no answer," etc. Then I came across an odd one: "good--dressing up as a frog."

Considering the state some of these people are in, I could almost see someone thinking that, for whatever reason, they are indeed dressing up as a frog, when they are really just eating oatmeal.

Then I noticed the date of the call: 10/31.

Now that's funny.
Haha...that IS funny. It took me all morning to figure out the significance of 10/31 though. Thats not so funny.

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