Friday, March 03, 2006

Monster/Mid-Day Update

Did you know that there was a "second-chance" drawing for Monster Seats today? I only did because I was selected for it. And I nabbed some for the last game of the year. Standing room, as I just can't be spending $130 for a seat I'll end up sitting in anyway if somebody doesn't show up, or if some baby pukes, and its whole family has to go home. So I spend the $25 and take my chances. Ba-by puke! Ba-by puke!

Schilling's pitching today against the Boston College Intramural Soccer team or whatever. The good news is, according to the box score, the most he could have given up through four is 0 runs on 1 hit. But I'm sure he's already out of the game. Also, Kevin Youkilis has been up for like fifteen minutes, and the Sox lead 2-0, and that's all I can figure out from the scoreboard. [Update to the update: Schill did go the full four, and now it's 6-0 us. Now batting for BC: the Dean of Admissions, Cookie O'Puss.]

Mr. Dunbar just gave up a couple dongs in the third against Philly. Either Jaret Wright or Jorge De Paula was guilty. Or maybe one each. They're down 4-2.

["Serious" writing update: Wow. Sitting at work, trying to follow a Red Sox game on the computer. My mind is suddenly overflowing with visions of being outside at night in short sleeves. I'm going to get a rude awakening when I step outside later. But, for now, in my cube, it's July, around dusk, and I am walking through the city, in shorts. Chan complaining about how it's too hot in my left ear, and Chan complaining how baseball games are too long in my right. But I am feeling utter bliss, ice cream melting down my hand, sweat dripping from under my hat, as the game moves into its third hour. Let's play two. Chan, I'll tell you the score later. And you still won't care.]

Nice visual.
And no Alex G. in the WBC
A couple of my buddies are down at Spring Training and were at the game this afternoon. They keep emailing me from thier cell phones and rubbing it in that they're sitting right behind third base, gloves on one hand, beers in the other, wearing shorts and t-shirts. I hate them right about now.

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